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How to excite a woman?

How to excite a woman? Stay tuned, of course! Cuddles, touches, kisses are essential for a good part of legs in the air and to reach orgasm. First of all, it allows both partners to relax, to get in the good mood and titillate their libidos.

It is not to give all men to know the underbelly of the female mind nor to know how to excite a woman. It takes effort and experience! You must also be attentive to her gestures and the signals she sends you. Finally, to know the secrets of women, you must be attentive. One way or another, she has probably already told you what she liked and what made her happy.

So, to help you maximize the effects of preliminaries and to excite your girlfriend just right, we have prepared a list of 10 tips to make her happy and fulfilled in her sex life. Because, a woman who has orgasms is a relaxed companion and more patient. So, at work …

How to excite a woman?

You love him and she loves you. But, you want to spice up your intimate life by giving more pleasure to your partner. You ask yourself the question: how to excite a woman? Do not worry, we are here to help you answer this complex question.

1. During the day, exchange sextext.

The preliminaries are not only reserved for the room. To prepare your intimate party and to raise the temperature little by little, you can opt for sextos like: “I can not wait to see you naked, tonight” or “I can not wait to feel your skin against mine “. If sending erotic pictures is something that excites you, you can try this experience too.

But beware ! If she does not answer you by sending also a naughty photo, it means that it is not something that puts her at ease. So opt for the typical sextext until it relaxes and agrees to play the game with you.

2. Take your time when you undress and when you take off your clothes.

You are not racing against the clock. Instead, you undress (or undress) in a hurry, take your time! Take off his t-shirt and let pass a few minutes before removing another garment. This will gradually increase the sexual tension and slowing down the pace, you will prove to him that you not only seek to satisfy you but want to make him have a good time and enjoy this moment intimate.

Taking time means that you live in this moment. You do not think about what you need to do after or all your problems. And, a woman is very excited by the idea of ​​having all the attention of her partner. Once she notices that he is completely present (physically and mentally), she can let go and relax.

3. Give her a message before …

How to excite a woman? before you get started in the preliminaries strictly speaking, give him a massage. Start with the back, then go down gradually to the hips, legs and feet. It will not only relax her, but this massage will also allow her to feel every part of her body and give free rein to her excitement when you put your hands on her erogenous zones.

Massages are essential for a woman because it means that you accept her body as it is. And, once she knows that, she will also accept it and forget her faults, which will allow her to relax and be excited.

4. Focus on reactions..

To excite a woman, you must first love what you do. If she notices that you are kisses on her body briefly to get down to business as soon as possible, it will take her a lot longer to get excited. On the other hand, if you dwell on her sensitive areas and if she sees that you really like to make her happy, she will very quickly climb to the 7th heaven.

So, how to excite a woman? Take a closer look at these areas and make sun professional work. Do not try to do as many techniques as possible in a limited time. Choose one or two, but focus on how she feels while trying to excite her.

5. Adopt new techniques without becoming acrobatic.

Novelty and innovation are always exciting. Choose to test new things as a new technique for oral sex but watch out do not try to become an acrobat. Women appreciate stimulation changes, but they do not like overly complicated positions where they have to think about how to position their body or give you an orgasm. New techniques, yes! But, they must be as natural as possible.

How to excite a woman? Do not try to get her out of her comfort zone too soon. If you do too much complicated techniques just to prove that you know them, you will get the opposite effect of what you want. Her excitement will fall and she will feel uncomfortable. In addition, while you will try to give you thoroughly, she will be bored!

6. Explore her whole body!

How to excite a woman? Do not just focus on her genitals. The female body is filled with sensitive and erogenous zones that, once stimulated, quickly raise the level of excitement. The neck, back, ears, belly or chest are essential points that should grab your attention (and affection) if you want to give pleasure to your partner.

The female body is like a treasure map, you must explore every corner to find your reward. A woman will have no problem succumbing to your caresses if you make the effort to know his whole body. She must know that you are comfortable with this one for herself to feel comfortable.

7. Learn to read subliminal messages.

Women may be full of secrets, but if you can interpret their gestures and words, you can learn from them. If you feel that what you are doing makes her uncomfortable, move on. No one can be excited when he feels forced to pretend or when he has to step out of his comfort zone. If, on the other hand, you feel his body bending or getting hotter, keep going! You are on the right track!

8. Ask her what excites her!

How to excite a woman? Prove that you understand it. Show him that you are not just looking for your own pleasure at the expense of his feelings. She must be safe and confident to completely relax and feel the excitement of her body.

How to excite a woman? Nothing more simple: ask him the question. In a couple, communication is essential. So, to succeed in your sex life, it is also. Do not make assumptions because you had an ex who loved anal sex, ask your current partner if it’s something that tempts her.

A man who is not ashamed and is not afraid to ask such questions is very attractive to a woman. This proves that he has no problem confessing that he is not a sex god. He tries to learn all he can about his girlfriend to give him a real pleasure. And that, gentlemen, is the key to female excitement.

Preliminaries are not the guarantee of a good deal of legs in the air. Sometimes, zapping them can be a lot more exciting and bring new life to your sex life. Yet, in most cases, they are essential and determinant. So, work on your technique and do not hesitate to show you brave and courageous!

How to excite a woman? Be first yourself, do not try to impress him with new techniques you do not master or with words and gestures too raw. Show him that you respect her and that you seek to give him pleasure. A woman will only relax if she feels safe and comfortable.

She needs to know that preliminaries and sex with her partner are moments during which she can relax and let go. She wants to forget her worries and insecurities to let herself be led by the loving gestures of her lover.

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