Honeymoon Tips Sensual

Sexy game to raise the temperature on vacation

Discover unusual erotic game ideas on vacation to drive him crazy and make him crazy.

The sexy GPS

The sexy GPS :In the seventeenth century, lovers followed the Card of Tender to reach the heart of their darling. Today, spice up the game by offering your partner to go through another plan, much hotter …

Play the naughty Girl

Realize his fantasy by transforming yourself into Marie-Chantal 

The waiting Game

Apply the famous saying: to be kept waiting, is to be desired.

Most : Increase the pressure, sending him throughout the day small text messages that will remind him of the romantic night.

Attention! Do not be late and respect the letter that you promised him. If you spend holidays with family or friends, make sure the envelope comes back to him, not his grandfather Maurice!

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