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30 sexual questions for women

Sexual questions are made to test your intimate compatibility and to see what you need to work on as a couple to improve your sex life. Aim for nirvana!

31. Where do you like to be petted?

32. How long did your longest night of love last?

33. Do you prefer rough sex or sensual sex?

34. Have you ever groaned so loudly that you woke up the neighbors?

35. Compare to the other men you have known, what am I doing better than them?

36. Have you ever been seduced by someone older than you?

37. Have you ever had a lesbian sex experience?

38. Have you ever practiced sodomy?

39. Do you like sexting?

40. Would you rather watch two people make love or make love while someone is looking at you?

41 . Have you ever had a sexual experience in public? Or ?

42. What is your most shameful fantasy?

43. Have you ever received naughty photos from a man?

44. How many men did you sleep with?

45. Would you like to participate in an orgy?

46. Have you ever been handcuffed during sex?

47. Have you ever had two orgasms in a row?

48. Do you have a friend who serves you as a sex toy?

49. Have you ever used food during foreplay?

50. Do you like to play with yourself?

51. Would you like to do a sex tape ?

52. Have you ever gone out with a married man?

53. Have you ever been in an open relationship?

54. Do you like to make love during your menstruation?

55. What is your favorite type of lingerie?

56. Do you like sex?

57. What’s a kills-love for you?

58. What is the sexual position you hate to practice?

59. What can make you come down suddenly?

60. What do you think is the worst way to do preliminaries?

Of course, these sexual questions are just a sample to help you start the conversation on this topic. You can choose to organize a special evening to learn your partner’s sexual habits or you can select one or two to raise the temperature, just before the act.

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