Honeymoon Tips Roleplay

Top role play dress : Based on Survey

New research has revealed that couples looking to bring up the heat in their relationship are wearing sexy ensembles to do so. More then 70% want their partner to dress up.

Roleplaying is meant to heighten your sexual arousal by re-enacting a scenario in which you and your partner get aroused.

We all choose to be someone every day when we put on clothing.

The classic school uniform comes at fourth place. Surprise.

This one tends to apply more to women, with tartan skirts and white knee-high socks available in pretty much any sex shop, but the naughty professor or stern principal is also a common role-play scenario and works for both genders.

Police Officer comes at number 3.

Pick up a pair of handcuffs to raise your partner’s heart rate; dressing up as a police officer is one of the most popular outfit.

The most sought-after look of all when it comes to sex: the French maid.

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