Men fantasies : Guide to bring spark


They say that men are visual creatures. We are motivated by our fantasies, yet many of us are not using our imaginations to their fullest.

A man needs to foster his imagination to develop the confidence and vocabulary to make these kinds of dreams come true. And us men have a number of fantasies worth pursuing, from the sexy secretary, school girl, twins to being disciplined by an experienced dominatrix.

Despite what might be said, the majority of us have some pretty elaborate sexual fantasies, but not all are willing to share what they might be. But we have no problem with sharing when it for the betterment of men.

The office hottie (sexy secretary) is one of our favorites – and it’s easy to see why.


It’s hard to argue against the sexy school girl fantasy, so long as it’s above board, like college girls from private schools in uniforms – preferably with stockings.


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