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Marriage is a beautiful relation and what it needs are compatibility and trust. There are problems in every marriage and after a point of time, there is some sort of spice that goes missing and it becomes like a forced relationship. So, there is need of some spicing up and fun. So, are you also one of those couples who are facing the same problem, want to know the solutions? Here are some tips-
1. COMMUNICATE Communication is the key to every relationship. If you feel there is some problem that is causing some problem in your relationship and causing a lot of fights. It’s better to talk and communicate with your partner about that. It will make your bond strong again and remove all the misunderstandings.
2. LONG DRIVES A nice weather, your partner and a nice long drive or walk……what’s better than this? Long drives are never a bad idea to spend a good time with your loved ones. This will help you to spend a romantic time and can also make you both to talk and take a break from your busy lives.
3. KISS AND HUGS Kissing and hugging your partner is never wrong. It makes them feel that you still love them and find them attractive. Make the kiss longer and more romantic and hugs tighter. Say a ‘hi’ and a ‘bye’ or greetings like good mornings with kisses and hugs, it will add a pinch of love in your relation. And yes, don’t forget the forehead kisses, as they are the Best.
4. GIVE SPACEInvading a lot in your partner’s life can irritate them and can make them feel that you don’t trust them. Make them feel that other than this relationship, they also have an individual identity. Give a little bit of space and see what difference that brings in your relation.
5. APPRECIATE THEM Your partner loves when you praise them about the things they do. Whether it’s a new change that they brought in the interior of the house, or did something good in their business, appreciate them, they will feel important and confident about themselves.
6. GO ON DATES Plan a romantic date with your loved ones and spend a great time with them. It can be a movie date or a dinner date. Focus on your partner and make them feel that they are important to them, give them all the attention and it will surely make your bond more romantic.
7. THANK THEM Always be thankful and grateful for their presence and their support in your life and make them feel that you mean a lot to them and not only for the big surprise that they arrange for you, thank them for the daily things that they do for you and make your life better and easy.  
8. TRUST THEM Trust is the most important thing of every relation and always believe your partner. If you can’t trust your partner and if they are true to you or not, your relation will surely come to an end and without trust, no relationship can work out.
9. BE FAITHFUL Always be truthful to your partner and the relation that you both share. If you cheat and don’t be faithful to your other half’ then there is no need to be in that relation. Talk to them and b very -very honest with your partner and make your bond strong.
10. GO ON VACATION Taking a break from daily life and schedule is never a bad idea and plan. Plan a relaxing holiday with your partner and try and bring the spark back in your bond. It does not need to be a long vacation; weekend plans can always work in helping your relation.
11. JOIN A CLASS TOGETHERThink of something that you both enjoy doing or love to do, and join a class together. This will help you spend some time together and also remove all the differences that are coming in your marriage.
12. HELP YOUR PARTNER GROWAs a partner, you should never be someone who comes in between the growth and success of your other half. Support them in what they do and they should never compromise their successful growth because of you.
13. SEX Every marriage has sex in it but some of them exist only because of sex. Sex is a lot better when there is love involved in it. As it is also said as love-making, make it passionate and intimate. Longer time doesn’t really matter, what matters is how your partner feels and how you feel.
14. LISTEN TO THEM Everyone In life has some or the other problem that is troubling them. Even if you can’t really help them with the problem, listen to them and give them confidence that they will overcome it. It will make them feel much better and sometimes only by listening also, you can help them.
15. NOTICE THEM Everyone loves being noticed by someone whom they love and hear some praise about it. If as a partner you notice when they are wearing a new shirt or you had a haircut, it will surely make your bond stronger. If you gift them the thing they mentioned in a random talk, they will feel important.
16. RESPECT EACH OTHER FAMILIES For anyone, their family is the most important thing and if someone they love, disrespects their family, is surely something that one will not tolerate. So, always respect and love the other family member.
17. RANDOM SURPRISES Who doesn’t like Surprises and that too by your loved ones? Plan some small romantic surprise for your partner and shower some love upon them. It will light up your romantic life and surely spice up your wedding.
18. BE EQUAL The reason for a healthy relationship is when you feel that both of you are on the same page of the book of your relationship. When you feel dominant in your relationship it makes the other person under confident. When you feel that both of you are equal then your relation will be healthy and it will always be spiced up.
19. CARE OF LITTLE THINGS Everyone likes it when they have someone who cares about every little thing of them and if you do that the relationship becomes strong. If you see and listen to every little thing what they do and what they say, and make them feel special and nice about them.
20. MOVIE NIGHTS What a better weekend than a movie and your partner by your side? Plan a relaxing and fun movie night with your partner and spend some romantic time with them. Choose a romantic film and enjoy with your loved one. And yes, don’t forget to take popcorn and a cold drink with you.
21. ACCEPT THE WAY THEY ARE In a relationship, it is very important to accept the way your partner is. When you decide to change your partner in love, then it is killing their individualism. If you accept their madness, their habits and their way of living then it will help you to adopt some changes in your life. Accept who they are.
22. SHOW THEM SOME ATTENTION Be very attentive toward them. Your attention is what they need and want. You are one of the most important people in his life so your attention is what they accept. Give them attention and make them feel that they are important.
23. DON’T WAIT FOR ‘THE RIGHT TIME’There is nothing that is called ‘the right time’. If you want to say something to your partner, just say it. In the wait of the perfect timing, can make the things go wrong and if you want to complain about anything, do it because it can create a big misunderstanding too.
24. BE EXPRESSIVE Don’t ever hesitate in showing your love towards your partner. Expressing love is never wrong and will always make your bond more and more special and loving only. Expressing love doesn’t always mean large gifts and Surprise, it is what you do from heart and love.
25. ACCEPTANCE It is very – very important to accept the way your partner is. If you change their way of being themselves, then they will feel a bit insecure. It is important to keep the individualism that they have. If you accept the way they are, it will help to bring a change in your life too.
26. PRIORITIZE YOUR BOND It is important to always prioritize your relationship. Never take your relationship for granted. You need to understand what they mean to you and if there is a problem, try and solve it and never neglect them.
27. BE FUNNY Everyone wants their partner to make them laugh. Be funny and bring a smile on their smile. Keeping them happy and being happy is what they will love. Always keep your joke in a limit, be sure that your joke doesn’t hurt them.
28. SLEEP TOGETHER It is important to sleep together, not just beside each other. Keep your phone away and spend time. Talk about your day and about things you want to clear the air and it will make your relationship stronger. It is important to take a fresh start before starting a fresh new day. Cuddle and sleep.
29. APOLOGIZE Every couple fight and faces some misunderstanding. Fighting is okay but what is important is apologizing. Don’t let your ego come in between your bond and say sorry without any hesitation. Your ego is not important that saving your relation.
30. DISCOVER THINGS ABOUT EACH OTHER It is good to always know some things about each other. Get to know about each other and the things they like and dislike and the way they react to some situations. Be very conscious about your partner and keep that newness alive.
31. BE A TEAMIn every situation, be like time and support each other. Support is not only financial but also emotionally too. It is all about compatibility and teaming up. Equal efforts are what makes the marriage work and keeps the spark in it.
32. BE POSITIVE There is a time when you feel that the relationship is not going in the right direction. And if at that time you lose all your hope and give up on your relationship then nothing can help to save your bond. So, you should never think that your relationship has no future. Be positive about it and work positively towards it.
33. DON’T MAKE YOUR EFFORTS COUNT It’s not right to always claim what you have done in your relation. If you do so, then it seems that you are making these efforts just to be on the top of the scoreboard. It might also feel your partner low about themselves and will surely affect your relationship.
So, these are a few things that you can do to spice up your wedding and make it work. Sometimes there are situations when you don’t know what is happening in your marriage and you feel that it is the end of your relationship but just by keeping some tips in mind and making some efforts can surely bring a change in your married life.

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