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Valentine Week 7-Day Lingerie Challenge

If you’re a busy, on-the-go woman (and I’m pretty sure you are!), you probably know how easy it is to lose track of your libido, forget about your sensual side, and totally deplete all of your sexual energy. It’s as if one day you embraced and enjoyed your sensuality, and the next day you couldn’t even remember if you ever experienced it! So frustrating!

One of the primary reasons you lose track of the sensual woman inside of you is that everyday life just pushes her to the side. And once she’s off to the side, you start to ignore her. And pretty soon, you forget she’s even there. Because she’s usually not loud or brash or pushy. Instead, she’s just sitting over there, waiting for you to notice her and give her some attention. (But if the sensual woman inside of you happens to be loud or brash or pushy, that’s completely normal too. And I’m jealous of you.)

So, if you’ve lost track of your sensual woman, is there anything you can do? Or is she going to be MIA for the rest of your life? Fortunately, the answers are “yes, you can” and “no, she isn’t.” You can find her and embrace her and build her up. We’ve talked in the past about some ways to do that. Things like reining in your family’s schedule (so it doesn’t run you ragged), making time for exercise, getting enough sleep, learning to say no, and simply prioritizing sensuality and intimacy in your life and marriage.

But today I want to suggest another idea, something very simple that could make a difference in the way you and I feel about ourselves as sensual women – a 7-Day Lingerie Experiment.

Wear new lingerie each day on Valentine Week 2020.

The premise is simple – if you wear lingerie that makes you feel sensual and sexy, you’ll begin to think of yourself as a sensual woman. And if you wear frumpy old underwear all the time, you’ll tend to think of yourself as a bit frumpy. Because I don’t know about you, but my typical day-to-day “lingerie” is neither sensual or sexy. It’s functional, but that’s about it. And the sensual woman inside of me really isn’t all that crazy about it.

beginning one day this week and continuing for 7 days, wear lingerie that makes you feel great. Not lingerie that’s supposed to be “hot,” but in reality feels like an instrument of torture. Not lingerie that only a size 2 model could love. Not even lingerie that your husband likes. Wear lingerie that you like, that makes you feel good and sensual and maybe even a little bit sexy. It could be a fun camisole, a pretty pair of panties  or something a little sexier but still comfortable. of Wear it all day, even if you’re going to work or homeschooling your kids or chasing toddlers. Wear it for you, and let it encourage you to embrace your power as a sensual woman – every day for 7 days.

Now, you may be thinking, “I don’t have any lingerie that makes me feel that way.” But you might and just don’t realize it. Because if you’re like me, the sensual stuff gets pushed to the back of the drawer, while the ho-hum stuff hangs out in the front. So dig around and see what you can find. And if you don’t have enough, consider heading to Target or any discount store near you in the next day or two. Because lingerie that feels good doesn’t have to break your budget.

Listen, I know that this is a very simple proposition. And I know it’s not a panacea for finding your sensual woman if she’s seriously missing in action. But it can be a start. At the very least it sends your mind a message that says, “Hey, this is important to me. I’m trying to get things going. How about if you cooperate?”

What do you think? Are you interested in giving the Valentine Week 7-Day Lingerie Experiment a try? If you’re planning to give it a try, let me know in the Comments. We would love to hear from you.

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