Love Science- Erogenous Explained

Sex is undeniably a wonderful source of pleasure. But what is sexual pleasure really? 

The simple and relatively vague definition would consist of those positively valued feelings induced by sexual stimuli. Our bodies being designed with the integrated ability to attract a sexual partner. Moreover, our ability and our will to discover how to give and receive pleasure through sexual activity is what distinguishes human sexuality from animal and plant sexuality. In this article, find out which parts of the body provide the most pleasure.

Certain parts of the  body  have more nerve endings than others and cause arousal when stimulated, this is called erogenous zones. The erogenous zones common to most people being the genitals: vulva, clitoris, lips, vagina, penis, scrotum, perineum, prostate and anus.

So usually the vagina and penis are the most sensitive. However, there are other common erogenous zones including breasts, nipples, thighs, buttocks, mouth, ears, neck or feet. However, we are all different and what is good for some is not necessarily a source of pleasure for others.

Sexual pleasure and intense happiness

Whenever you have a satisfying sexual relationship, you probably experience a mixture of emotional and physical sensations, both during and after the act. Your worries go away for a moment, and this results in less  pain  and anxiety.  

In reality, this perception is the result of the secretion of several hormones promoting the feeling of happiness and well-being during sexual intercourse, in particular oxytocin. Otherwise known as the love hormone, the levels of this neurotransmitter increase during hugs and orgasms.

When oxytocin is released in certain parts of the brain, it can have an impact on emotional, cognitive and social behaviors. Indeed, a   research review revealed that the impact of this hormone on behavior and emotional responses contributes to relaxation, confidence and psychological stability. The latter can de facto reduce reactions to stress and anxiety.

In addition, oxytocin could also intensify the pleasure of orgasm. In any case, this was shown by a   German study conducted on 29 healthy couples. The results revealed that men who took oxytocin before sex reported having more intense orgasms and feeling higher levels of satisfaction after having sex. In addition, these men reported feeling more sexually satisfied than those who took a placebo. Women, on the other hand, said they were better able to share their wishes and show empathy towards their partner.

Erogenous zone, source of pleasure

1) The nose

The nose, which contains a significant part of the nerve endings of the  face , is an often overlooked erogenous zone. Besides, your nasal passages also contain erectile tissue which dilates when you are aroused, which increases blood sensitivity and flow. Gently chew the tip of your partner’s nose during your next romantic frolic. Guaranteed effect!

2) The neck

The neck is one of the most sensual parts of our body. To activate this area, start by gently massaging your partner’s shoulders and then continue with gentle kisses from the roots of their hair to the base of their neck, biting lightly on the lobe of their ear.

3) The ear lobe

The ears are an ultra-sensitive area for both men and women. Gently kiss your sweetheart’s lobe, being careful not to be abrupt. Otherwise, your partner will have the impression of being absorbed in the ear by a suction cup and believe us, there is nothing more repulsive.

4) toes

No need to be a foot fetishist to appreciate the stimulation of this area. This is especially true for women. Take her toes in your mouth and gently run your tongue over them. Madame will appreciate every time.

5) The navel

If the  navel  is such a sensitive area, it is because it developed from the same tissue as the clitoris, the two membranes therefore being neurologically connected. So try to gently stroke your partner’s belly, gradually getting closer to their navel.

6) The inner thighs

The inner thighs are the area closest to the genitals. Caress them sensually and your partner will burn with desire in two stages three movements.

7) nipples

It is common knowledge that for many women this area is the place of choice. However, be aware that men’s nipples contain as many nerve endings as a woman’s. 

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