Know your sensual profile by Sun sign

Zodiac can influence a person when choosing which sexual position to try. Find out which position suits the signs best and learn how to make your partner lose his mind at sex


Aries is one of the signs that we like to dominate and when we talk about sex, this feature becomes even more present. Aryans have exacerbated instincts, and any position that gives more dominance to the Aryan is well regarded, but the dominion must be exercised by the Aryan himself. If we look at the Kama Sutra, the Aryan-most pleasing positions are “Surprise” whoever the woman stands on her back, is penetrated by the man from behind. For Aries’s wife, the ideal sexual position is “The Chair,” where the man lies with his knees bent and the woman sits on his lap, mastering movement and intensity.


Taurus is one of the most romantic and sexual signs in the zodiac. Sex is by pure exchange of pleasure and surrender. They are controllers, but when the time comes to have sex they get carried away. Any position of the Kama Sutra is appreciable, but they value the ones that allow the gaze to be fixed and the kisses to happen. The position where she lies face up with arms across her body and the man kneels and grabs her legs, lifting them is preferred because the two can move and see each other throughout the sexual intercourse.


In the world of signs, Gemini natives are known as the quickie kings because they dislike anything that makes them feel trapped and are too eager to wait. The sexual position indicated for the Gemini is one that allows them to stand, such as “The Surprise” or the “Offering” where he is on his knees and the woman on her knees and elbows on her back.


Cancer people don’t like casual sex, they are very romantic and traditional. Sex is a time of surrender and should be done with someone who wants to share life with the cancerian. They care more about each other’s pleasure than their own pleasure, so their Kama Sutra position may even be “The Crab” where the man lies on his back and the woman lies on top. his, also belly up.


The natives of Leo do not dispense with a torrid night of passion and sex. Any sexual position is welcome as long as it is varied and intense. What counts for these signs is to kill the desire of the moment. But nonetheless, the trapeze position can be very exciting for a Lion, with the man sitting with his legs spread at the edge of the bed for example and the woman wrapping her legs around the waist, leaning back.


Virgo natives are not sexual jugglers and are often sexually playful. But they may run into sexual positions that do not let their partners look at each other, such as the “Dragonfly” where partners lie on their side, the man behind, and she with the leg above, flexes on top. of man’s body.


These are two of the main characteristics of Libra natives and when it comes to sex, these two continue to walk side by side. Any sexual position or act must be refined, and the positions in which they both lie or sit are usually chosen. In the Kama Sutra, they choose the “Sleepy” where the woman lies on her back while the man lies behind his back against one shoulder, running one leg over his partner’s buttocks.


Scorpio is one of the most sexual and sensual signs of the zodiac and knows numerous sexual positions and has the ability to give your partner an excellent sex life. Usually likes all sexual positions and perform all positions of Kama Sutra. The favorite? “Possession,” the woman lies on her stomach and supports her elbows while the man stands behind with his knees between her legs and lies over her.


Sagittarius is half man, half horse and this makes one of the favorite sports to ride, whether in the field or in bed. They love to vary and new positions are always welcome. They love to learn, even in sex. The positions that give freedom are the favorite, as is the case of the “Suprise” or “Offering” in which the woman is on her back, but on her knees.


Capricorns are very conservative, but in bed they can surprise if they are involved. Not easily surrendered, but when it does is one of the most dedicated and passionate partners. The sexual position that a Capricorn native most likes is “The Bridge” where the woman is below, on her knees and hands, and the man lies on top, behind, with his arms on the surface.


For Aquarians , sex is another form of fun because they do not have much sexual appetite. Fidelity is not part of its main characteristics and sex exists to make exchanges and have fun. The preferred position is “The Marquise” where the woman sits on a firm surface and leans back with her hands supported and puts her legs on the chest and shoulders of the partner sitting under her, cross-legged and arms supported behind.


For fish people , sex only makes sense if it is done with a lot of romance and love. They like scenarios with candles, incense sticks, flowers… Everything that reminds one of a dream is appreciated by fish. When choosing the sexual position, Pisces always opts for the romantic “Sleepy” with the woman lying on her back and the man behind the lover, with one partner’s leg wrapping around the partner’s waist.

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