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Kiss on Neck

A kiss is the sincerest means of ushering yourself into the ecstatic world of affection, housing you, your lady and the dreams you two concoct together. However, each kiss has a different meaning and might be interpreted in various ways by the recipient. 

Why Kisses on the Neck Is A Turn-on for Her?

For most types of smooches, your girl is probably going to face towards you or get ready in anticipation to receive your affection. This is not the case when your destination is the neck! It totally catches her off-guard and you can see the pleasure that overtakes her in the way she blushes and smiles involuntarily even when her words articulate annoyance. 

Just imagine... You’re in the kitchen, making dinner and suddenly you feel a hand softly stroking your left arm. You recognise the smell, the presence, the touch. You know it’s him. You smile, close your eyes, take a deep breath and slightly tilt your head to the left.

At that very moment, everything is perfect. Your body feels numb and super sensitive at the same time. You can feel his right hand, brushing your hair to the left, lightly touching and revealing your neck. You exhale. Both of his hands are now on your shoulders and, as he whispers the words I’ve missed you in your ear, you can feel them waking up, the butterflies.

You can feel his lips on your neck. No kisses yet, but the butterflies are starting to go crazy. Without losing contact with your skin, his lips slide to a point just above your shoulder. He lingers. You’re going crazy just like those butterflies. He kisses you. Butterflies are trying to escape, your head is feeling light and all you want is for this second to last forev

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