The secret to leaving your lover satisfied? Truly knowing who they are and what they like. And, since your partner’s Sun sign reveals the essence of their personality—including what they want from sex—the zodiac can clue you in to his or her pleasure points. Turn up the heat in your bedroom by tailoring your sex position to your lover’s astrologically influenced personality.



Aries likes to dive headfirst into whatever excites them—their partners being no exception. As pioneers of the zodiac, they tend display their best talents at the beginning of things, making this classic foreplay move the ideal path to a Ram’s pleasure.


Missionary (Taurus on Top)

Taurus has a taste for the classics. It’s not that they’re conservative; they just like sticking to what works, meaning tried-and-true missionary position tends to be their go-to. However, this Bull likes to be the one on top, where they can really let themselves go wild (a definite perk for the lover beneath them).


Scissor Sex

In this position, Gemini joins its other half like a puzzle piece, with each person’s legs spread (like two pairs of scissors—hence the name) and their naughty bits interlocked. It’s the perfect position for pivoting into any number of others, and Gemini loves a variety of choices. Plus, with bodies so close, Gemini, thought to be skilled with their hands, can easily caress all their partner’s sweet spots.


The Wraparound

When it comes to showing affection, Cancer gets an A+. In fact, Crabs are at their best when every inch of their body can touch the person they’re bedding. For them, it’s all about melting into one big blob of love. This effect can be achieved with the woman on top, straddling her seated partner, with her arms and legs wrapped tightly around his back while he holds her close.



Missionary (Leo on Bottom)

Anyone loving on a Leo will want to go at it face-to-face, because these kitties perform best when they feel like they’re being worshipped (in the heat of the moment, an adoring gaze can go a long way). Plus, with their honey on top, it’ll put Leo in the receptive role, letting them bask in their boo’s attention.


Stand And Deliver

Virgos famously love cleanliness, so flip this convention on its head with shower sex. A standing position with rear entry offers deep penetration and makes cleanup a cinch, which alone is orgasmic enough for the sign that rules efficiency.


The Right Angle

Libra is the sign of elegance, and they always want to be able to give good face, even during sex. The position for Libra? The woman should lay on her back on a bed, table or counter with her legs hanging off the edge or wrapped around her partner, who stands in front of her. From both places, each person looks good and has equal leverage, making this an ideal move for the sign of beauty and harmony.


Sexy Spooning

Scorpio rules sex and secrets. They love to get in deep, while still keeping their pleasure private. In order for this sign to get it’s fix, have the woman lay face down with her booty tilted up so her partner can lie on top of her, making love while spooning her. It’s intimate and satisfying for both parties, but the lack of eye contact still leaves something to the imagination.


The Headlock

Competitive Sagittarius is known to appreciate a friendly tussle during sex. So, for the win, try this: She lays on her on her back with her legs against him and her feet around his head. Meanwhile, he either kneels or stands. This puts both partners in power, leaving the dominant role up for grabs. Whoever puts more work into their pleasure will be victorious.



Doggie Style

Capricorns are wild cards, in terms of sexual bravado. Though they may come across as professional and serious, they usually like getting a little dirty in the bedroom. Yet, when it comes to kink, this sign often goes for the classic: doggy-style. Think of it as a gateway position to freakiness—one that excites Cap almost every time.


Reverse Cowgirl

The behind has a special allure for Aquarius. Men of this sign tend to appreciate a rear view more than most, while females like flaunting the junk in their trunk. For added pleasure during sex, he should sit with his legs out while she straddles him, facing away from her partner and putting her booty on display.



Pisces might want to take notes from their symbol, two fish swimming in opposite directions, and make love laying head-to-toe. Besides giving Pisces their desired full-body contact, it also puts you in the position to show their piggies some attention too. Because this sign rules the feet, the secret to their total satisfaction goes all the way down to their tippy-toes (literally).