Are you a proud owner of white button down blouses? Do you love wearing a white button down and consider it your most favorite piece of clothing in your closet? You should be, because white button downs are described as simple-styled blouses usually with buttons from top to bottom, collars and buttons on collars. Yet, despite their simple look, these blouses never go out of fashion. They always manage to make the wearer look fashionable no matter what the occasion is.A white button down is also neat-looking due to its white color. They’re also versatile clothing in two ways. One, they can be used no matter what the occasion is, whether it’s casual gathering, formal gathering, or for work. And two, they are versatile in a way that they can be worn in many different ways, making them the best collared shirt girls mostly love.

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Now, owning a white button down will only be a great fashion privilege if you know how to wear this blouse properly. Doing so can highly improve your appearance even if you are wearing only a simple white clothing. As a matter of fact, you can also hide imperfections like belly fats, etc. simply by knowing how to wear an outfit in style.