We know how a person’s favorite color can reveal personality traits. What many do not know is that their favorite color can also reveal a lot of one’s sexual preferences. Find out below what your favorite color says about your sexual behavior and learn all about the relationship between color and sexuality.


Some claim they do not have a favorite color. We often say, “You don’t know you have a favorite color.” It exists, and may even be more than one, but it does exist. Just take a close look at your home: the colors of clothes, towels, home decor, bags, and even kitchen utensils. A color will prevail, and it shows traces of your behavior (including in bed!).


Black is a color that attracts power and elegance. According to color psychology, who likes black is usually a person who has secret affairs and fantasies, they are mysterious people. In bed, they like to impose their authority and dominate their partner. Gentle sex does not always appeal to you, it can have its moments, but it usually enjoys the intense relationship, full of fire and pleasure. It is a box of surprises, can appear with news to spice up the relationship, the partner needs to keep pace and not fall into the routine .


No other color ignites passion, romance and lust as much as red. Color psychology states that this is the hottest, most sensual color that raises blood pressure, is sexually stimulating and exciting. It is common in China and India that brides wear red at their wedding or wedding night to stimulate their partner. Who likes red, usually a person easy to please and who value sexual pleasure. They are usually attracted to everything red: strawberries, red wines, red walls, red bags, etc. Red lovers are always ready for a stir, but their temperament is often difficult and fiery. A good partner must know how to govern this passion and power that lovers of red have.

The preference for blue color characterizes calm, peaceful and even distant people. They can be lonely and they don’t have much brilliance in their sex life. They are honest, stable, confident and loyal, but in bed they can be cold and have little libido . Until you feel the urge and desire to get emotionally and sexually involved with someone it may take time. Once you have lit the fire of passion, you depend on your partner’s bite to keep it lit or not. Not usually one who seeks partner for sex.


Although it refers to sweetness, it is wrong to think that lovers of pink are naive and only enjoy the sweet and delicate sex. Remember: pink is a distant cousin of red, and it can also ignite passion and lust. They need enchantment and love to surrender to sex, but after they surrender, they have no taboos. They are very dedicated to their partners in sex, make sure that they feel pleasure and feel loved. One thing to watch out for: Rose lovers are usually immature about sex.


Yellow is the color of happiness . Who likes this color is naturally optimistic, fun and hopeful. They are easy going people, cheerful and intellectually stimulating. Yellow is a warm color, yellow lovers are sexually attracted to eccentricity and intelligence. They are known for their whims and spontaneity in bed, is a box of surprises (positive!).


Green is a fresh, light color. Green lovers make sure their partners feel safe and secure by their side. They are people who value body and mind, and give themselves body and soul to sexual intercourse. They are people associated with balance, harmony, good people. When it comes to sex, they are affectionate and passionate. In excess, they can be jealous, possessive and even selfish with their partners.


Who loves orange is a vibrant, lively and warm person in bed. Liking this color indicates that you are an outgoing and uninhibited person in bed, always willing to try new things. He likes encouraging partners, who like news and exciting things as much as they do. They are known for being exhibitionists, they love to have sex while looking in mirrors (they love motels), and compliments about their size always please them very much. In contrast, they love so intensely that they end up dependent on their partners.


Purple is a color that balances the calm and stability of blue with the fire and passion of red. It is a color associated with royalty, wisdom, mystery and magic. When the preference is for light shades of purple, close to lilac, indicates a crush on romance. But it over-idealizes the partner and can be easily hurt, even in bed. As for the dark shades of purple, the news is not good: it is the color of sexual frustration. Dark purple can bring problems to sex, including erectile dysfunction, not a good color to have in the bedroom, for example.


White is a color that refers to purity, chastity and loyalty. White lovers are usually peaceful and even submissive in bed, doing their best to please their partner. However, they tend to be sexually conservative. You may have the notion of sex as sin or even dirty, even involuntarily. Something that indicates this is being disgusted with sexual fluids or wanting to shower soon after the relationship. White lovers usually do not like to show affection publicly or enjoy sexual adventures.

Did your favorite color reflect some of your sexuality? Have your say in the comments!