A woman has all of the necessary tools at her disposal to seduce and control any man without hesitation. They have the body, the mind, and the skills necessary to make a man their servant. But there are other things that can help any woman be more seductive.


A woman who smiles has the ability to melt the soul of any man she is smiling at. The simple act of smiling can send shivers down his spine and make him beg and grovel at her feet. Some women have much better smiles than others.


The simple act of showing subtle cleavage is enough to keep any man focused on things other than what is important. This can distract a man and make him bow to a woman’s every beck and call. And while a miniskirt can do the same thing, it is important that a woman never wear a miniskirt while simultaneously showing cleavage.

High Heels

Men are turned on by a woman’s legs. The concept of a tall slender woman is only accented when she wears high heels. The higher the heels, the more seductive the legs can be. However, it is important that if you wear high heels, that you are able to walk in them comfortably and normally.


A woman should be confident and have a very good sense of humor. Some women in an attempt to seduce a guy will laugh at just about anything he says; no matter how stupid it is. Guys can sense when a woman is faking her humor; so only laugh when it is really funny.