Have you ever had a completely ordinary Monday with no special occasions yet you decide to wear your special sexy lingerie and you feel as if you gained a super power? Sexy lingerie is more important than you thought and there’s a good reason granny panties do no good for your love life nor your self confidence.

What is it exactly that gives lingerie such a “power” and why is it so important to wear sexy lingerie both in the bedroom and outside the bedroom?

  1. Sexy lingerie puts the “P” in passion. – People are visual beings and there’s no shame in providing a bit of eye candy to your honey. If you are not wearing sexy lingerie on a daily basis, it is a great surprise for your hubby when you step into the bedroom in something a bit more revealing and teasing. Strappings, garter belts, lace, red and black – all of that will do. After having been married for years, there’s nothing better than spicing up the evening with a surprise like that. When you are just starting with the relationship, sexy lingerie will showcase the best perks of you and will make your boyfriend desire you even more. Though understandably the bedroom life shouldn’t revolve around just sexy lingerie, it won’t hurt to make some little surprises now and then. Your lover will thank you with a steamy night!
  1. It supports you (and not just moraly). – Sexy lingerie is more than just a sexy little clothing item that helps to spice up the relationship. One of the biggest perks is the support it gives. Bras give extra support with the pads, especially when trying push ups, garter belts and corsets help to keep everything in place. You can always use sexy lingerie that helps to hide some tiny imperfections  – for example, if you don’t feel very comfortable about your tighs, you can use stockings that will give you a confidence boost, support the tighs and yet look amazingly sexy.
  2. Gives you confidence. – Sexy lingerie is not just for men. One of the biggest perks of wearing out-of-ordinary lingerie is to give you a confidence boost. There is no way to feel bad about your body if you are feeling great push-up bra and some sexy thongs. No matter the lingerie you choose, it makes you feel sensual and desirable – not bad traits in daily life either! Sexy lingerie doesn’t belong exclusively to the bedroom, you can wear something sexy under your favourite jeans and blazer.
  3. You never know – If you are single, you can never be sure when life brings you something unexpected and you might need some sexy support. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you are in the bedroom with a hotty but you are wearing your good old tighty-whities.
  4. Make the fantasies come true. – Let’s be honest, everybody have some fantasies that are related to bedroom clothing. Whether it’s a sexy nurse outfit or just some stockings, both men and women enjoy clothing-related sexual fantasies. Why not make the fantasies come true and add some spice to your bedroom!