Role playing for sex is one way to turn the drab sexual encounter into a one of a kind liaison that you are going to cherish for a long time. Make it new every day, as though you’re new people; strangers who have just met or haven’t known each other for too long. Let your imaginations run wild and get into the various roles to play a fun and seductive sexual game with your partner


Role-play is a powerful tool for sustaining a thriving, juicy, monogamous relationship,” says Winters. As long as both partners embrace it, role-playing can definitely enhance a long-term and/or committed relationship. However, while you may be comfortable with it, your partner might not be. “If you force, coerce, or manipulate your partner into a role-playing situation, the result is likely to be anxiety, distress and a very negative overall experience,” says Klapow. “If you can find a starting point where both of you are reasonably comfortable, then you can have an enjoyable experience. As your experiences together continue to be enjoyable, the role of role-playing will increase.” Enthusiastic consent is incredibly important. Plus, it’s a huge turn-on when you and your partner are both super into what’s happening.


What are some role play ideas we could try?

Of course, the most successful roleplay comes down to tapping into your own unique sexual fantasies. Can’t think of one? Try harder. We’re sure if you really dig deep and relax you might have some luck.

There are some better known submissive/dominant role play ideas for couples that are pretty universal. Why not try:

  • Nurse and doctor
  • Professor and student
  • Home owner and repairman
  • Stripper and client
  • Entertainer and audience
  • Celebrity and fan

The most important part of role play is creating a safe space for the both of you. If a certain character is triggering or is making one of you uncomfortable, scrap it. Keep the communication open, and create a safe word that will provide a break in character.

Role play is a seriously fun way of tapping into another side of your sexual relationship that maybe hasn’t yet been explored. Keep it fun, keep it safe, and maybe keep your costume cupboard locked — it’s a hard one to explain to dinner party guests.