Who does not strive for a happy, fulfilled partnership? We often wonder what’s needed to keep it forever. In addition, some couples seem to have simply cracked the relationship jackpot. They radiate to the bet and act as a unit. What makes these couples so happy? Are they never arguing? But probably these couples argue every now and then. Or get on each other’s nerves and just do not have a good mood.

But a bad mood day does not mean that the relationship is fundamentally in question. So what is it that makes a relationship permanently happy?

5 things that happy couples do:

  1. They have a lot of sex – at least relatively much. Sex ensures an increased release of happiness hormones and regular cuddling units ensure closeness and familiarity.
  2. They are good friends. People know each other, understand each other and love each other – quite simply.
  3. They have good friends. Statistically, couples whose friends are separated also tend to question one’s relationship. Conversely, those who surround themselves with people who are in happy relationships usually become happier themselves.
  4. They go to bed early. Little sleep brings stress and irritable mood. Who sleeps badly, according to statistics more often relationship problems.
  5. They drink about the same amount (or little) of alcohol. Couples who drink a glass of wine now and then are happier than those with only one drink.

5 things that happy couples do not do:

  1. They do not talk bad about each other – not even after a fight and not even with the best friend.
  2. They do not constantly criticize themselves. Of course you can say, if you do not like something, but blanket criticism á la “Why do you always have …” brings no one on.
  3. They do not emulate other couples. Surely you can take other happy couples as your role model, but just because they are happy with a fixed date night a week does not mean you will. Find your own way.
  4. They are not humorless. You also have to be able to laugh about yourself.
  5. They do not ignore each other. Insulted silence after a dispute does not resolve conflicts – stay interested in each other.