Let socks on better next time
Scientists at the University of Groningen found that wearing socks is sexually orgasmic. At least for women. Why exactly is that, you will learn here

Sleep Signal to the Brain
To understand why socks in bed are not so useless, it helps to understand how the human body prepares for impending sleep. Omis self-made woolen socks are more than useful for a good night’s sleep. They not only warm the feet but also cause the blood vessels to widen, which in turn slows down the body’s signal to prepare for sleep.

Simply falling asleep better
Slowly the body temperature decreases and the circulation goes down. These temperature changes are small but necessary for the body to recover. And the faster this nightly low temperature is reached, the faster we fall asleep. However, if you can not fall asleep despite the fact that, according to experts, a perfect room temperature of 16 to 18 degrees Celcius, sleep researchers simply recommend stretching their feet under the covers as a temperature sensor, so to speak.

With socks to climax
Not only hikers come with socks in their shoes faster to the summit. Because scientists of the University of Groningen have found that women who wear socks during sex come more often to the climax, as if you get rid of the prelude of socks. The whole thing has an evolutionary background. Men are spurred on the common lovemaking, especially by the reproductive instinct. Normally they do not hold much of cuddling and caressing, in short men like to get down to business quickly and, after the intimate togetherness, to the disappointment of their partners, quickly lose interest in physical affection. Women, on the other hand, look for other criteria when choosing their sexual partners, for example physical constitution or character traits. In addition, the female sex needs a lot of affection and a sense of security to get in the mood – socks are helpful. Because 80 percent of the women who wore socks during the study, experienced an orgasm – for comparison: barefoot managed that only 50 percent.