You may have noticed that when we have sex with someone, our connection with her becomes much more intense. But why does this happen? Going far beyond the intimacy of naked bodies, it is the sexual energy that makes the bonding so strong during sex. Understand better.

The energy exchange between people happens all the time. The touch, the look, the affection, the affection and other contacts make everything more intense. The energy exchange happens through our chakras that open for the vital energy exchange to happen. At sex time, relationships become more intense as our partner has access to all the energetic frequency we have in our body. The chakras meet, so a strand of energy is created that connects the partners creating the powerful and vibrant sexual energy.


Have you ever had sex with someone and felt a connection that seemed stronger than usual? This happens when the partners are at the same vibrational frequency of harmony and harmony, go through similar moments of experience and have the same availability to make this energy exchange. In this way, sex becomes more intense, the charge of pleasure is powerful, and the connection between them is inevitable.

There is no need to have a particular reason: there is no rational explanation for the connection that is established, it is energetic. In a sexual relationship with similar vibrational frequency, the partners feel that they have known each other for a long time and know what pleases each other’s body and energy. This energy is able to endure circulating in our chakras for a long time.


It depends on the energy the couple exchanges during sex. Depending on the intensity and magnetic field created in the relationship, this connection can last up to years! However, this intense exchange does not always occur harmoniously, there is sexual energy that can even be detrimental to our balance .

As well?

Imagine that one of the partners is in a bad, worried, troubled, distressed vibe and decides to have sex with someone to relax. He may eventually convey some of this worry and tension to the other. What was supposed to be just a way of exchanging pleasure can exchange unwanted energies.