One of the great things about Valentine’s Day lingerie is that it usually does not take long to end up on the floor! So, why not plan for the inevitable… by purchasing lingerie that is perfect for strip teasing?

We recommend combing lingerie items for the ultimate Valentine’s Day striptease, as the more you have to remove the more anticipation you build! Bras and panties often come off last, so consider items that you can wear over these while undressing, with naughty negliges and night robes being especially good for this.

Romantic Lingerie – A Classic That Won’t Disappoint

Most lingerie retailers focus on romantic garments for this time of the year, so will notice some common themes in the various products for sale. For example, most romantic lingerie is made from lace, with the sensual fabric offering the perfect balance of naughty and nice, looking daring but classy at the same time.

These are often sold in reds, whites, and blacks, although purples and blues are becoming more widespread. Look for features that are revealing but also teasing, which is why lace is a good choice of material common on most romantic lingerie.

In terms of garments, most types of lingerie can be found in romantic styles including bra and panties, teddies, chemises and babydoll’s.

One gift that too many people overlook for Valentine’s Day is Pleasure Box- One filled with everything you need.