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Use Blindfold to Increases Sexual Fun

There are many ways to sexual fun. In fact, what drives sex is the fun it promises. There are a few activities that promise the level of fun sex offers. However, sex soon becomes bland, even routine, when it is had over a long period of time without any sexual spice or change. Sex is a continuous fun when creativity always comes to play whenever it is on. Let’s be candid here, everything, no matter how enjoyable, when done over a long period of time without a significant changes, soon becomes boring, dull and drab. This is exactly where blindfold, one of the techniques of kinky sex, comes in. it changes your whole sex life in a new surprising way. This should be quickly added though: blindfold sex is one of the ways of testing out how fun kinky sex could be if you are not really ready to go all in yet.

Now, let’s get to the interesting parts.


Sex is mainly an activity of the senses. When you blindfold your partner, you take away their visuals, limiting them to the sense of their imagination. This way, your partner does not see anything you do to them until they feel you on their body with diverse sensations running through their body. Blindfold, in this instance, increases your partner’s expectations. This element of imagination goes a long wayto heightening the senses and increases pleasures during your foreplay and sex. The ability to take your imagination on a ride this way add so much to the excitement, there increasing your sexual fun. Also, exerting your imaginative skill in this way takes your climax several notches up.


The element of surprise always works in everything. The blindfold does exactly that when having sex. When you are blindfolded, you do not know what is coming for you until it hits and the pleasures of it is coursing through your veins. During foreplay especially, not knowing where your partner will caress or pleasure on your body, increases the fun. This is because you are absolutely taken by surprise. Sex in this manner creates an internal rhythm as you have to listento it of seeing it: the hmmms, the ahhhss, the sweeets, the oh-baaaabys and the different moaning sounds could make your senses sweetly explode.

Intimate Exploration

The blindfold gives the opportunity to more sexual exploration. Most times, we are often too self-conscious to really have sex the way we would really to have it. Some of us cannot stand the naked sight of ourselves even when’ve got a perfect body shape. Also, there are many thing that could really heighten our sexual pleasure but which we are not comfortable sharing with our partners. A blindfold could put a stop to that. One of these many things could be masturbation. If you are so self-conscious that you cannot masturbate in front of your partner, then trust a blindfold to take away the awkwardness. You will love the thrill and excitement that is surely to follow it.

Blindfolded sex indeed increases sexual fun in many ways.

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