We are all accustomed to thinking that men are excited by perfect lace underwear and flawless shapes. But are we not mistaken? Representatives of the strong sex are excited by quite unexpected things.

Stretching in the morning

Men generally appreciate “cozy” women. Of course, they will not be indifferent to the lady in short skirt and high heels, but the sweet morning pajamas stretches them as well as striptease. First – because you just woke up, you look even more defenseless and second – because at this moment you belong completely and unconditionally to your partner. And what’s the better of that feeling? So if you want to start in the morning with something more than coffee, stretch yourself.


In fact, to this day there is no scientific explanation for the fact that men fall on angry women. But so, gentlemen like angry ladies. Surely, each of us has heard at least once the phrase, “You’re so pretty when you’re angry.” It seems to us that an annoyed man is trying to calm us – or even annoy us even more. And he really loves us. Well, passionate sex has always been a good option for reconciliation.

Messy hair

This works on the same principle as pajamas stretching. You look cozy and “homemade”, no hairstyle, no makeup (so we’ll talk again below). You can waste hours every day to fix your hair, buy presses, hairdryers, but the facts are facts – your favorite wishes not thanks to your perfect hairstyle. Maybe the big secret is he just likes you, not your ideal hairstyle?

Lack of makeup

Scientists have found that women give crazy money for cosmetics. A truly astronomical sum accumulates within a woman’s life. Most men, however, are indifferent to makeup on the woman’s face and some do not like make-up at all. Despite the joke among women that natural makeup takes far more time than “unnatural” and vulgar, men still prefer naturalness. Also, remember that the man you are interested in would like to kiss you with pleasure and not to get lipstick and fond de-tan. So when you put on your makeup, keep in mind that he can not only attract men’s attention to you, but also repel the cavalier in closer contact.

Carrying Shirts

What could be more sexy than a girl dressed in a shirt? Whether the shirt is clothed on a vest or naked (though naked is better) in the eyes of the man, you instantly turn into a rebel, reluctant to experiment in bed. But do not overdo it, change the slot from time to time with something else so it does not turn into a routine. Routine is not sexy.

A little belly

Although our ads are in the heads that we need to have an ideal figure and tattoos on the stomach, mere mortal men have a different opinion. The ideal woman challenges the same questions as the beautiful man – the main one is “What to do with this?”. Put him in the shop window? Do I admire him? To wipe it out of dust from time to time? Or to put millions in support of my impeccable appearance? Complete mystery. And who will eventually make moussaka and stuffed peppers? Our strong advocates prefer soft women, so the little nice belly on which to put their head on a cushion seems very natural and undoubtedly arouses men. Moreover, when the partner is not an ideal figure, the cavalier accepts his own faults more calmly and does not develop complexes for his appearance.


Every woman falls into a slight despair, seeing the first wrinkles around her eyes. Wrinkles are the first step to inevitability. Men, however, are in a different opinion. Well, of course you do not have to wrinkle like a dried plum, but many men find the little wrinkles pretty sexy – these grooms show that the woman is mature and experienced, including in the bed, which excites many gentlemen. Besides, mimic wrinkles around the eyes and the side of the mouth are a sign that the woman laughs often. And to whom does a lame and troubled lady need a constant depression? The man can be very depressed and alone, he does not need to hurt himself with someone else’s mental load.

Small breasts

Despite the widespread view, not all men dream of partnering with “big bombs.” Sometimes it even repels them. Most men value not just the size of their breasts, but their size and firmness. And these parameters most often remain high in women with a small bust. Small breasts are lighter, look more attractive and tight, hang less and keep shape longer.

Enjoy your meal

Alas, lately women have been fond of diets and a healthy lifestyle. This is great, but it does not act excitingly to men. Of course, you do not have to stuff yourself like a pig on a romantic dinner, but also to chew a whole cabbage whole evening is not the best option. Ultimately, most men need a terrestrial beauty, not a forest nymph. If a woman has a healthy appetite and does not bother to choose an alcoholic drink, it shows her inner strength and confidence, her indifference to what others think about her. In addition, trying different dishes and drinks, the woman gives the man a signal that she will be just as brave in bed.


Goggles that have affixed offensive nicknames in school have the opposite effect of adulthood. The woman with glasses seems harsh and defenseless (as long as she does not smile like a sniper to see something) or on the contrary – confident and independent. Both versions stimulate male sexual fantasies.

Low Voice

First, the shrill voice irritates absolutely everyone, and secondly, who could stand this thing, coming close to ultrasound, all night? Men find the low and slightly hoarse female voice very sexy. To whisper in such a voice to a naughty mischievous thing is the best recipe for seduction. Besides, this timbre allows the cavalier to assume that even if you find yourself a sister in your family life, your eardrums will not be scattered in the first brawl.

Long Skirts

With a long skirt everything is clear – it’s a secret, and our mothers and grandmothers from small ones have taught us that we do not need to reveal everything from the beginning. So the ethereal fabrics and skirts to our heels are our true ally – according to the man underneath it, something supernatural and incredibly attractive can be hidden, even if the cavalier has seen us many times naked.