Preparing for any vacation takes time and research, but your honeymoon needs to be given careful consideration to make sure everything goes as intended. Things can never be perfect, but problems can be minimized. Look over this timeline and print out the checklist of important tasks to consider while making your honeymoon decisions.

9 Months to 1 Year Before

  • Determine what time of year you would like to honeymoon, whether directly after your wedding or a more convenient time.
  • Pick your honeymoon destination based on the best weather for your month of travel.
  • Evaluate how much money you can spend on your honeymoon and set a realistic budget.
  • Research your chosen destination.
  • Check travel-warning sites about your destination.
  • Find a travel agent who specializes in your destination or honeymoon type, or do the research yourself. Ask friends for insights.
  • If you are interested in the local language, begin learning that language.
  • Register for your honeymoon (optional) – some couples choose to have a honeymoon registry in lieu of gifts. This is a great way to affordably pay for your dream honeymoon!

6 Months to 9 Months Before

  • Book airline reservations, considering:
    • Time schedules – with enough time to recoup or attend post-wedding events
    • Food specifications
    • Seat assignment
    • Check luggage allowances
  • Buy travel insurance for health, weather conditions and property.
  • Book resort, hotel or cruise.
    • Choose type of room and specify for preferred view, floor or location.
    • Amenities preferred in-room.
    • Specify that this is your honeymoon for added bonuses.
  • Make plans for transfers to and from your resort.
  • Reserve a rental car or train tickets.
  • Keep all reservation confirmations and information organized.
  • Research destination for vaccinations or medical clearances needed.

3 Months to 6 Months Before

  • Apply for your passport or renew it if traveling internationally – make sure the name on your tickets and passport match.
  • Research requirements for travel visas and apply for a visa if necessary.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor for any vaccinations, testing or prescriptions needed.
  • Book excursions, shows or special dinners.
  • Buy or register for luggage. Or ask someone to borrow some pieces.
  • Make house-sitting or pet-sitting arrangements.
  • Create a honeymoon packing list to see what clothing or items need to be purchased. Look out for holiday sales!
  • Ask around to borrow any specialty clothing or equipment.

2 Months Before

  • Send registry items to a family or friends address to prevent packages being left when you are away or arrange for someone to come by your house daily to pick up any packages. You can also put a hold on your registries to resume mailing after your return. Some guests might mail packages not on your registry, so a back-up plan is advised.
  • Find out what adapters or voltage converters are needed for your location to prevent ruining your equipment.

1 Month Before

  • Confirm travel reservations including hotel, air and excursions.
  • Make reservations for any honeymoon beauty treatments.
  • Check bank accounts and credit cards for ample funds.

2 Weeks Before

  • Prepare any romantic gestures for your honeymoon. Check out our awesome date romantic tips for some passionate ideas to enhance your honeymoon experience.
  • Purchase travelers’ checks.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to check your mail, bring in your paper, watch your house, water plants, take out your trash, etc. Or register at the post office and newspaper to stop delivery.
  • Exchange money to foreign currency, at least $50 – $100 to be prepared for any expenses immediately after debarking the plane.
  • Pay bills or set up automatic payment, especially if you’re taking an extended honeymoon.
  • Take necessary items to the dry cleaner.
  • Pick up all tickets or reservations from travel agent.

1 Week Before

  • Begin packing, review packing list.
  • Pick up any clothing, equipment or luggage that you’re borrowing.
  • Pick up dry cleaning.
  • Set up “out of office” auto-reply for email accounts.
  • Purchase prescriptions (leave in original bottles), toiletries, magazines or books for the trip.
  • Buy snack food and wine, check airplane regulations on liquids.
  • Confirm travel reservations and flight schedules.
  • Arrange for the transportation of your bags to your wedding night suite or other location from where you’re departing.
  • Check weather reports for destination.

3 Days Before

  • Have all necessary beauty treatments.
  • Photocopy your passports, credit cards and a list of valuables that you’re bringing.
  • Hand out at least 2 copies of your itinerary and photocopies to family or friends. Also, leave a house key with one of them.
  • Make additional photocopies for yourself and pack in separate bag from where those items are predominately located.
  • Label your luggage and place resort information inside bag in case your bag is lost.
  • Set thermostat and light timers in your house.
  • Double check packing list to ensure all necessary items are in your bags.
  • Confirm transportation for coming home from the airport.
  • Throw out refrigerated food and trash the day before you leave.

Day of Departure

  • Confirm flight schedules.
  • Make sure all passports, visas, money, IDs and paperwork are easily accessible and secure in carry-on bag.
  • Arrive at the airport early, at least one hour ahead for domestic flights and two hours ahead for international flights.
  • Tell everyone you meet that you’re honeymooners from the airline check-in, plane staff, resort check-in, concierge, restaurant staff, etc. This will get you luxury treatment on your honeymoon.
  • Enjoy your honeymoon!