Modern science of seduction has much to teach us about our preferences, interests, and desires.

Sexual triggers – They are able to make you exploit your power of seduction further and appear more sensual in any situation.

6 sexual triggers that arouse seduction:

  1. Longer eye contact, looking away from the sides…
  2. Slurred and breathy voice (seduction tone)…
  3. Light bites on the lip, showing sensuality….
  4. Physical touch during the conversation (touch your partner)
  5. Body language – Narrowing the zone, getting closer to the person…
  6. Using gestures – gesturing with your hands closest to your neck, touching your mouth…

1. Eye Contact

By making eye contact, sometimes looking away from the sides, you arouse the interest of the other party, demonstrating slightly their power of seduction.

2. Slurred and panting voice

By speaking more breathlessly you indirectly induce the partner to approach you increasing the attraction

3. Slight lip bites

By biting your lips lightly and discreetly, you send a message to your partner’s brain, inducing the release of testosterone which is a seduction hormone. This is because the lips are a totally erotic zone.

4. Physical Touch

Physical touch when talking is very important to generate an approximation between the two. Therefore, it is better to sit next to the person to enjoy the moments to touch him and get closer…

5. Body language

Use your body to show interest, leaving your arms and legs uncrossed, bending your trunk closer to the person and getting closer, narrowing the distance between the two.

6. Using gestures

When talking, gesture your arms and hands, touching things near your neck and mouth… you can touch a bracelet, keep your arms moving above your waist.

Little by little you can touch the neck, the hair and even the mouth and the teeth… all lightly and naturally.