Here are some tips from Stern on how to go from vow to wow.

If you’re large-chested: Girls, front and center. It’s your time to shine. Just as support in your everyday bras is important, your honeymoon bed is not the time to droop, so to speak. Gini suggests pieces with underwire cups, such as a bustier that doubles as a boudoir piece, a nightgown with a stretch lace top that has built-in support, or a cup-defined baby doll. “When you have lift from an underwire in a baby doll, and it scoops you up and has a nice flow-y bottom, it really is beautiful,” say gini

If you’re pear-shaped: You’re in good company. According to Ginie, most gals fall into this category of being small on top with a fuller hip. She suggests looking for pieces cut on the bias, perhaps an A-line chemise. “This way you have more fullness through the bust, then it skims the body and flares at the bottom,” she explains. You could also slink your way into a baby doll that’s fitted around the bust and flows out. Since smaller busts also don’t need an underwire, you could wear something with a stretch lace bust or silk chemise for a sexy touch. “Fitted is also good,” she says. “Something you can wear that has no definition and is just one smooth line all the way down.” Also never underestimate a pretty matching panty set. “The push-up bra adds fullness in the top to balance out the top and bottom, and de-accentuate that you’re pear-shaped,” she adds.

If you’re hourglass: “This is the lucky girl,” says Stern. You epitomize a sex goddess with your feminine form. Accentuate that waist with a bustier with garters. It will slim you out no matter your shape while also giving you the right support. Wear a coordinating thong and stocking, and watch him drool.

If you’re athletic: Consider yourself a chameleon of the lingerie world. You’re the most easily dressed, according to Stern. “You could go with almost anything and it’s applicable to this type of body.” If you’re rocking a toned body, you can wear the A-line, something cut straight, empire with the stretch lace top, something with no bust definition at all, something fitted. The world is your oyster.

For all body type, ”a nice reveal with a gorgeous silk robe with a coordinating bra and panty is always beautiful,”