Honeymoon Tips

Tips for your men

What makes men high – who asks this question must be prepared for many answers. After all, men have different preferences and it all depends on what we want to achieve. To make a man unconscious, there are a lot of tips and tricks. Sometimes a shy and shy smile is enough to make the man of our desire curious.

Tip 1: Verbal approach and moan
Men are all very similar knit, so we are relatively sure that the wishes in the bed of men are very similar . Of course, let’s emphasize that love is more than a firework in bed. And even if you do not want to do any of our tips, that’s perfectly okay and do not make you a bad lover.

Most men just find it boring when a woman in bed is dumb like a fish.  Men in bed want a partner who comes out of her, groans and shows what she stands for - and not only at the climax. Lustful "Aaahs" and "Ooohs" are therefore indispensable when groaning. Even better: Two-word sets in lovemaking, such as "Mach me", "Even deeper" or "Good" in the different positions. We do not want to reveal too much, but the result will convince you - at the latest at the peak! And the absolute coronation as a prelude: In the  ear breathed nasty fantasies, what else he can do with you.

Tip 2: Little news, nice dirty please
In addition to Dirty Talk, there is another variant that has to do with voice “feeling”: writing dirty text messages as foreplay. As in bed, here too: You do not have to be linguistically savvy when typing your erotic message into the cell phone. Key words are enough. During the day a “I’m looking forward to feeling you inside of me” sent to the office, brings his erectile tissue to a boil. You can be sure that in the evening only the stallion remains of your office stallion.

Tip for first-time offenders : Agree to delete the message immediately. That creates trust. And you can be bolder with the choice of words for the prelude.

Tip 4: More cut in the step
That man can not on bush, should have gotten around. On everything else in the matter of intimate hairstyle but already! From clean-shaven to lightning in step : how about a little variation? Sometimes a Landing trip, everything away – through this practice, erotic routine will not even arise.

Tip 5: The tip is pointed
Some say that lingerie is overrated, because you take it off anyway. Still, there is THE fantasy stimulating lingerie, for example 1/4 cup bras. Brassieres that give shape only from below and let the breast float freely. Very sexy! Or transparent panties that reveal a view of the restricted area. Or burlesque corsets . Okay, we’ll take it back: lingerie is by no means overrated. It just has to be the right person. And those are NOT the ones with ruffles.

Tip 6: Little movies as an appetizer
Men are pigs. And watch porn – even if you do not want to believe it now – during a relationship. Suggest him to watch a pornography together. By what he borrows or looks at the net or TV, you get out, which unspoken fantasies excite him.

However, you must take the initiative. After all, he does not want to look like the pig that he is not. He will definitely refuse. On the contrary, he will do it more often in the future with you – for sure, because men find that really sexy.

Tip 9: Unscheduled pats
“You do not believe how much praise I can endure,” said the Austrian political legend Bruno Kreisky. Can I sign. And would like to provide the quote with an extension: what applies to the whole man in general, applies to the lower region in particular. Small attentions in everyday life keep him in the bar.

We would like to say: caress him a few times a week in passing. Very short, a few seconds only. The effect: The whole man feels attractive and valued, the relationship remains as fresh as a spring meadow.

Tip 10: Do it yourself
There is nothing more attractive than women who are at peace with themselves and their bodies. For many women, the subject of masturbation is still an absolute taboo subject, but your lover is guaranteed to, if you just openly unfold before him. That signals to him: I stand to myself and do not be afraid to show that. Moreover, it is the most natural and especially for men the most normal in the world.

Tip 11: Toys for more variety
Men love experimenting women in bed and are visibly happy if you have no problem with small toys. These can be wonderfully integrated as a change in some positions. Sex toys have long since dropped their dingy image and is an indispensable part of many couples. Dildos, vibrators … the choice is huge. He will love to indulge you with one of these things and you will certainly love it as well – promised.

Tip 12: Spontaneity!
Spontaneous women, who like to seduce, are especially popular with men. Whether under the shower, in the kitchen or during a small visit to the office – faster and unreasonable sex will definitely blow him away and make him really keen on you. Just surprise your loved one when he does not expect it. Nothing is ever more exotic than routine sex and nothing is hotter than a change in sex life.

Tip 13: Put everything on the red card
We can make men really hot even without sex. And it helps us a certain color. Red! Red has an attractive effect on men. Why it is like that? There are many theories too. The fact is, red lips, red shoes or red underwear make men sharp. A study has shown that men rate the same woman differently, depending on what she wears. The same woman did better in the red dress than in the blue one.

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