Sex during the cold winter days is a separate issue, but certainly solvable. You are seated inside your bedside with your partner and you are so cold as you are breathing and breathing. We have in mind, but that does not mean leaving today’s sex today.

All you need is just a little orientation towards the most appropriate styles.

Missionary in the middle of winter

The missionary’s position is too cozy even if it is done with a blanket nearby. The partner above you will make you feel no cold.

Position of spoons

If you are tired and do not have the courage to enter into action, the spoiler position is a super option. He is behind you and embraces while penetrating. But who does not love this ?!


When you’re out super cool, the last thing you’ll do is take the lead and find yourself above it. However, if you do, try to find the right angles. Let’s accept, with this position we will always feel like lady!

Erotic embrace

So it will look like you are one. Embrace me and inside one another than ever. The act will feel even more because intimacy is at its peak!

Winter bear

Winter arushi is a fantastic position for the colder months. The partner should be assured of warming as much as he can. Anyhow, as deep as the penetration of this style, it is very unlikely that you will feel cold.