Go Fun Adventurous Activity
Honeymoon is for relaxing and indulging some naughty and sexy stuff but consider booking at least one activity that gets your heart rate up. Go for a scuba diving,a long bicycle ride or zip line or drive an ATV. This is to generate endorphins which are generated when we are  pushed out of our comfort zone,endorphins  elevate your mood and senses and makes your ready for the honeymoon activity.

Sensual Lingerie Every Day; day and night
Get some sensual Lingerie for each day of the honeymoon. When on a honeymoon, day and night doesn’t matter hence don’t wait for right time. Its honeymoon and its right time. Think of themes to play with, honeymoongini will advise you on some themes. Also ensure your man also get dressed for honeymoon. Buy for him, or ask him to buy himself, a few new pairs of boxers or boxer briefs (aka, mangerie!) to add to the fun.

Dance the night out and build sensual tension;
Search for a local pub or hotel for dancing and hit the dance floor together. Dancing is great to build sensual tension and a great precursor to honeymoon activities — make sure to wear right dress so that your bodies can feel each other without leaving too much to see for the crowd (honeymoongini can help you with great dress ideas).  If the crowd makes you feel uncomfortable at any time, take that dance party back to your hotel room.

Download a playlist 
Music is so sensual , pick the right track . (This doesn’t have to mean back-to-back Marvin Gaye hits — although we wouldn’t discourage it!)

Honeymoon is for adult activity; read or listen to steam book;
For some adult-only reading that will most likely keep you up rather than put you two to sleep, pack along a pillow book or two.

Watch a Sunrise
While sunsets have their charm, a sunrise can be far more exciting and interesting. At that hour, chances are you’ll have the whole sun to yourself, and the beach, pool or any other gazing point will be virtually deserted. Afterward, hightail it back to your room and order breakfast in bed and see where that leads.

Couple messages to get thing started ;
Book  a couple private room at the spa. A good massage is always great to relieve stress and tension, and a couple message on honeymoon is always great for after message honeymoon love . If having a stranger rub you down isn’t your idea of fun, then take turns giving each other massages in the comfort of your hotel room or villa. Buy or bring along your own massage oil and plan to make use of it long after the honeymoon!

Honeymoon Gini is always at your service to make your honeymoon exciting. We strive to give you the best experience for your honeymoon. We don’t care about your destination or hotel, you honeymoon travel planner will take care of travel need. Honeymoon Gini specialists work hard just for your honeymoon act.