StockingStockings are a type of clothing worn on the legs, typically made of nylon or other synthetic materials.

They can be worn for fashion or for functional purposes, such as to keep the legs warm. In certain cultures and subcultures, stockings have become a symbol of sexuality and are often associated with fetishism and BDSM. They can be worn as part of lingerie or other forms of intimate clothing.

The reason why stockings enhance sexual desire is that the appearance and feel of stockings on the legs can be visually and tactilely stimulating for some people, and may also evoke feelings of nostalgia or fetishistic associations.


Stockings have been fueling men’s fantasies since time immemorial.

Silky sheer nylon stockings accentuate a woman’s femininity and sexuality and a tantalizing glimpse of her lovely legs adored in soft smooth nylon is patently irresistible not to admire. But as well as the sensual sensation of silky nylon on smooth skin, sheer fashion stockings are also a stylish accessory for shapely legs. Seamed stockings give any woman a chance to be glamorous.

Whether a woman is walking or simply sitting with her legs crossed, if her legs are encased in silky nylon stockings they will inexorably attract the attention of male admirers.