Many find breasts sooooo great and very erotic. But when it comes to the point, it seems that some do not know what he / she should do with the two lovely twins. 

A little press here and press there must be enough, right? No, no dear ones, there is more! 

The lucky ones of you know: breasts * properly * stimulated can not only be a lot of fun, but can actually have an effect on your partner’s orgasm.

1. Snap snap

Do not worry, we do not advertise cosmetic surgeries, because your breasts are good as they are . In the “scissors” posture, your counterpart holds your breasts with V-fingers in your hand and then snaps carefully. 

Small touch – we only say big impact.

2. Try it out a bit

When it comes to positions, most of them are keen to experiment, but how many variants have you actually tried to do something good for your nipples? 

Tickling, licking, biting, turning or touching gently –

every woman likes it differently (and that’s kind of the beauty of it). But that also means: just because your friend Helga likes nipple clips doesn’t mean you can do anything with it. Maybe you are the ticklish feather type or you like hot wax games (tip: better use a special massage wax to avoid injuries). In any case, take the time you need to find out what you really like.

3. Play with clitoris and breasts

Clitoris and breasts are both highly erogenous zones, but they are often stimulated separately and rarely in direct combination. This combination could lead to an extra high during sex. 

Researchers at Rutgers University have found that both

zones activate the same areas in the female brain and are therefore neurologically related.

4. Don’t just focus on the nipple

Nipples are great – but did you know that the really sensitive , erogenous zone of your breasts is actually a little above your nipples? How you want to stimulate this zone is up to you. Tongue, ice cubes or simply fingers are ideal for looking over the edge of the nipple.

5. Learn to appreciate your boobies

Yes, breasts are nice, but have you ever paid close attention to what happens to your boobies during sex? 

Hint:They get bigger –

more specifically, your breasts grow up to 25 (!!) percent during sex. Not only that: the color of your breast can also change when aroused. Don’t worry if they suddenly turn red or blue, both are good signs and show: your body responds to the stimulation with increased estrogen release and dilated blood vessels. Your breasts also contribute positively to the fun of love in terms of smell. We cannot smell it actively, but the pheromones released provide your partner with extra attraction during sex.