Women often encounter a decreased desire for sex, because they are more difficult to intensify sexual arousal. Millions of women are forced to have sex with their partner just because of an obligation, not because they love and enjoy it. But this should not lead us to think that women have something against sex and that they avoid it. On the contrary, most people yearn to want to have sex, but for X reasons they suffer from decreased libido.

It is not at all surprising that one of the most current topics elaborated by experts is precisely the topic of increasing the desire for sex specifically for women. Experts recommend keeping a healthy life, increasing physical activity, and eliminating possible health problems that could create obstacles to sex life. Here are some of their simpler and more reliable tips for increasing libido:

Hug your partner and stay in his arms for at least a half minute. When you are hugging, oxytocin is created in your body, also called the hormone of love, which increases the trust and connection between you, as well as the desire for sex. As you embrace your partner, bring your nose to his neck and breathe deeply. Because of biological reasons, the smell of his body can act as an aphrodisiac.

Observe your husband while in the role of father. Experts claim that women are more interested in sex after they see their partner spending quality time with children. By just confirming that he is a good father, you will further increase your desire to be with him in a sexual way, because in the nature of the woman is she wants to have descendants with a partner whom she is certain to handle great with the father’s role.

Look for a sexy movie. Awake your desire for sex with visual stimuli. Start the evening with a movie that will stir your blood. No, it does not have to be a pornographic content movie. Choose lighter erotica like memorable movies “9 1/2 Weeks” or “Basic Instinct”.

Read erotic novel. Make time for yourself and read a dozen pages of a novel with erotic content and you will not be able to wait for the meeting with your partner. If you do not feel comfortable enough to read an erotic novel, try to achieve the same effect with a romantic novel. The description of the romantic scenes will inspire you to want to recreate them. Sexy idea: read excerpts from a sexy novel highlight before your partner. Perhaps at first it will seem ridiculous, but soon the laughter will disappear and the passion grows.

Apply the rule to a 10-minute trial. Do not you have a gram of desire to connect sexually with your partner? Do not reject it immediately. Give yourself 10 minutes to increase your excitement. Start with embracing and kissing and letting your sexual thoughts develop. Do not forget that the awakening of sexual desire is just like eating dessert after a plentiful meal. At first you say “I do not want,” but then you bite a bite and realize how much you want to eat the whole piece.

Change your sex fantasies. Get into bed and start telling each other about sexual fantasies. If it’s uncomfortable for you to start, you can say that you have dreamed something exciting and that you want to tell him the dream. Describe in detail the place, every move, every feeling of your imagination. Then ask him to tell you his “dream.” Hot sex is guaranteed.

Play a hot game. Set a single rule: everything is allowed, but only on the upper part of the body, above the navel. The game, which is actually a hot foreplay, should last 15 minutes. Set an alarm on your mobile phone to mark the end of the game, and thus the beginning of your main sexual adventure.

Feel sexy. If you do not feel sexy, you will not want to have sex. Every woman has her own methods that she can feel like a sexy goddess. Ideas? Make an intimate hairstyle or use the sex appeal of Brazilian depilation; strip naked, lie down on clean sheets, close your eyes and relax; buy sexy lingerie; wear a white cotton cotton short skirt and appear in front of your beloved – his gaze will make you feel the most desirable.

Reduce your obligations for the second half of the day. Sometimes it’s impossible to get rid of more time and reduce your obligations, but if you are planning a hot evening, you must reduce the tasks you leave for the second half of the day. The commonest reason women refuse sex is fatigue. Only if you are rested will you have a desire for sexy activities behind closed doors. Are not you getting enough sleep? Take the power of the slumber and lie down for twenty minutes to feel fresh and energetic.

Fantasize yourself all day long. While waiting for your morning coffee or while waiting for a traffic light, use the time for flash fantasies with your eyes open. Remember how well you felt during the last sexual encounter with your partner or imagine how you want to spend the next hot night. Little by little, you will feed the sexual arousal and in the evening it will take you directly to the desired one. Do not forget that the desire for sex is greatly dictated by the brain and by your way of thinking.