Cleavage is middle boob line and side boob is the outer boob curve.

What society considers to be sexy is ephemeral. In fact, ‘sexy’ seems to change almost every decade. From outdated miniature waists and bulging cleavages in corsets to the current trends of thigh gaps and the trout pout, sexy is an ever-evolving aspect of human culture.

One thing is for sure though – the subtle sexiness of the currently trending ‘side boob’ cannot be denied. From some of the more conservative celebrities like Mandy Moore and Anne Hathaway to those more inclined to wear revealing outfits, a la Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian, the side boob is the cleavage’s sneaky cousin.   

What has now become a major Hollywood trend, successfully rocking side boob sensuality can be achieved by anyone. With a little wardrobe advice and in some cases, a bit of enhancement, any woman can subtly flaunt their assets in different ways.

What is the Side Boob?

More often than not, the ‘side boob’ is the glimpse of breast a woman reveals when she wears a garment with a low-cut side. Instead of blatantly showing off the front cleavage, the side boob sees the spotlight shift from the center of the body to the peripherals.

Although the side boob has seriously gained traction over the past few years, it has been on the radar of the more observant physique-connoisseurs for much longer.

One of the earliest online references to the side boob occurred in a boxing forum when a woman posted her husband’s comment of him “noticing a side boob shot of the ring girl.” The first appearance that we could find of the side boob mentioned in a book was in Christina Bartolomeo’s 2002 novel “The Side of Angels.” Clearly, people have been aware of the cheeky opportunities that wearing a low-sided garment offers for many years.

What are the Best Clothes for the Side Boob?

With the right clothing, your side boob can be achieved for a variety of different scenarios. From a glamorous dinner party, the beach, or even an afternoon stroll in the park, your choice of garments can really emphasize your assets.

For a formal setting, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Kendall Jenner showed us just how stunning a side boob could be when she wore an emerald green Calvin Klein gown at the 2015 Met Gala. The dress completely covered her front and revealed no cleavage, yet the portion of her breast that was subtly revealed in the sides of the dress showed just how classy-sexy side boob could be.

Low-cut tanks are also a side boob favorite. Super comfortable and relaxing, tanks that are low-cut under the arms can emphasize your side boob. Just be sure to use some fashion tape to make sure you only reveal what you want to.

Final Side Boob Tips

Many women do get concerned with over-revealing when trying to achieve the perfect side boob. There are some simple ways to avoid this.

Firstly, as mentioned above, use some fashion tape that is safe for your skin and easy to take off to stick clothes where they need holding. What’s more, pasties are a great choice if you’re concerned about a potential nip-slip or you don’t wish to reveal your nipples through your shirt.

Finally, if you’re going to go for the side boob, it can be a good idea to keep the rest of your outfit conservative. Remember, subtly is the name of the game, and a well-revealed side boob will be more than enough to entice those you wish to impress.