Learn these beautiful tactics, and you will have your guy begging you for intimacy. The fact remains that when a guy feels so over the moon with how his lady makes him feel when it comes to sex, he will find it difficult to let her go. This is what every lady wishes for; the most appropriate way to take absolute control of their man and make him go gaga. Body language plays an important role, and these 12 tips will certainly make you take control of your guy.


  1. Smell Adorable

Guys are always fond of accessing any lady they pick interest in. They look at everything, from their looks, clothes, hair, characters, and down to the way they walk. When you look good and smell adorable all the time, he will feel good and always want to hang around you. You smell will also boost his sensations and urge for you.


  1. Fit your gaze to him

Am sure you understand what this means. Fit your eyes on him and make him feel important and lost. Make him bare with your gaze, lick your lips, whistle at him and let him know you are doing it for him.

3 Anticipate his presence all day

Intimacy comes with lots of excitement and anticipation. Therefore, if you want your man to come after you with all zeal and power after he must have returned from work, ready to devour you, then you need to get him prepared to meet you from the moment you guys wake up in the morning. Give him some sexy touches as he approaches the door to leave for work. Whisper some sexy words into his ear and make him understand how prepared you will be when he returns from work. Proceed to send him some hot nude pictures of yourself while he is at work.

  1. Tease a little

Do not rush into sex when he comes for it. Take it slowly with him, he may feel angry at first, but he will realize it is much more pleasurable in the long run. Try as much as possible to get his attention whenever he is home. You could wear a short and skinny skirt while walking around the house doing your chores.  This will make him go crazy and make him want you more.


  1. Strip Tease for Him

Get him to sit and watch you, while you slowly take off your clothes one at a time. Do not allow him to touch you, though he might be allowed to come close. This is another powerful way to fire-up that sensation in him, and he will crave for you more than you can ever imagine.

  1. Touch yourself

Lots of research has beamed that people unknowingly touch themselves in various ways to quench their sexual desires. Well, whatever the case may be, while he is with you, touch yourself purposely. Run your fingers down your arms, legs, breasts and face. Feel yourself. He will undoubtedly notice you and want to get hold of you.

  1. Touch him

Guys really enjoy it when ladies are groping all over them. Get close to him, caress him and tell him how you hands can’t just be whenever he is around you. Run your hands up his chest and right down to his thigh. Make him feel you.

  1. Watch porn with him

A couple of women get offended by the fact that their partner likes watching porn. Well, instead of getting mad at him, why not join him in the act. After which you should try and act the way those actors did. Remember that these acts are what he wishes for and by putting it into practice will really light his fire in you.

  1. Give him a peek of your wild side

Most guys tend to have a soft spot for girls that are well-mannered, outspoken, someone they will be proud to show to friends and family. Well, that doesn’t mean if you go a bit crazy and wild and crazy they won’t tolerate that. In fact, most guys itch to see that crazy and wide part of their partner, especially while in the bedroom. It actually turns them, but be moderate while doing this, as it could also turn them off.

  1. Little skin it is pretty helpful

Men are easily carried away by visual beings, make extensive use of this fact. Dress sexily and get his eyes rolling all over you. Remember you guys are in the prettiest of your years, so do not waste it. Wear something that displays your overall shape, your butt and boobs. He will keep fascinating what you have under there.

  1. Kiss him deep

A good number of people don’t give in to kissing during sex, without knowing that it is a power boosting house. Kiss him deeply during sex to send some sweet sensation down his spines and bolster his energy.

  1. Be in control

Analysis gathered, shows that a good number of guys most times need their lady be in control in the bedroom. Try taking control during intercourse without saying a word.

Every man has his own unique way of being turned on. What worked for Mr. A, while you where dating him, might not work for your current guy. Study your man, practice these numerous steps and I bet you in no distance time you will be having lots of fun with your man.