Love and vacation. They go together. As soon as the days get longer and the rays grow stronger, everyone starts talking about the vacay they’ve planned with their current lover. But jetting off to an exotic locale means itineraries and hotel reservations and airport sprints. If the idea of a lovers’ getaway makes you anxious rather than relaxed  (or if you’re feeling particularly spontaneous), read on for tips on how to plan a sexy staycation right at home.

Prepare to Disappear

Pretend you’re actually skipping town. Take your vacation time. Tell everyone you’ll be gone for a week. Set an out-of-office auto-response for your email. 

Your Staycation Itinerary

Here is a schedule for a three-day staycation. It’s the ideal amount of time to hole up with a lover without getting cabin fever.


Your challenge is to see how long you can enjoy staying in bed and how little you can accomplish. Do get up to make a simple breakfast together. Your pre-cut tropical fruit, some granola sprinkled over yogurt and coffee, tea, or mimosas. Eat in bed. Leave the dishes.

This is a good day to play in bed. Play a game of Truth or Dare. Try a role-playing scenario. Experiment with bondage or spanking. Read erotica to each other. Try a new sex toy. Doing something new together creates heat between you. Stop for lunch when you’re both hungry. Bean tostadas are yummy. Fuel up with veggies and hummus if you need a snack. Your only agenda today is to touch each other and find new ways of feeling good.


Today’s a good day to get out of the house, but do your best to stay under the radar. Fuel up with an egg and toast breakfast. Then, if there’s a beach, park, or hiking trail just a little outside your neighborhood, go grab some outdoor time. Otherwise, hit a multiplex in sunglasses and baseball caps and enjoy an incognito matinee.

Once you’ve returned, take a shower or bath together and trade massages. Or go all out and book a couples massage in your living room. Eat dinner in your robes.

A weekend at home is a lovely way to bond with a new love or reconnect with an old one. And it’ll send you into the office on Monday with a smile, if not a tan. If anyone asks to see pictures, just tell them you didn’t leave the room much.