Of course, we can wear sexy lingerie only for ourselves, because it is beautiful and we feel beautiful and sexy in it. But if you definitely prefer cotton and sports bras, is it any sense to bother to “turn up the atmosphere in the bedroom”?

We got used to thinking that “sexy lingerie”, ie garters, lace, sophisticated t-shirts, fancy thongs, corsets, are one of the obligatory aphrodisiacs and ways to re-inflame the passion.

For this reason, women are squeezing into fancy sets and … they do not always meet with the reaction they have been waiting for (that is, admiration in their eyes and stripping these fatalaszków in a love of exultation).

Evidently this is a problem that also afflicts men. Recently, one user described his story on the Reddit portal:

I had to spend a month away from home and just returned home last week. I missed my girlfriend (25f) like crazy and I was very excited to see her after this time.

We spent the weekend together and she left the bedroom for a minute. She returned in sexy … clothes (I do not know what they call it). It was a novelty for me. I was not sure what to do. I looked at her with my mouth open and for some reason my brain told me to say something.

Of all the things I could say, I chose, “I did not know we were dressed.” I knew right away that it was wrong. Fortunately, my girlfriend is not only the hottest person in the world, she is also the coolest. She told me that I was an idiot, I agreed and we had a really great evening.

Now I wonder what to say? Is there any expected response?

Many users and users advise an unfortunate person on how to behave, for example, not to pick up underwear, unless the girl asks him to do so, compliment him, ask the girl to stay in underwear. All the advice may be right, but the question remains, if he has to wonder how to react, does he spin it at all?

Of course, everyone is different and there is no one answer that suits every man. However, the ongoing discourse, shows that underwear is often overestimated. Especially the very sophisticated and looking difficult to take off. For most men, the most sexy in underwear is that thanks to her, a woman feels sexy. Therefore, if the whole body is sutured from the lace and the corset wires are sticking to your ribs, it will be rather hard to focus on the erotic sensations. Your self-confidence and the fact that you feel good with yourself is much more attractive than fancy outfits.