Below listed dares will arousing you a lot, so be ready for action. First set the rules, or you can use ropes to lock your partner during the act. Just finish the act and no extra action.

Set up your stop watch for these Honeymoon Gini naughty games. Also ensure you have love mask to blind fold your lover.

#1 Lick and kiss your partner’s ears for 30 sec.

#2 Touch, squeeze, pinch and spank your partner’s butt. Don’r wander your hand anywhere else. Do this for a min.

#3 Love your wife navel ? Then get time to watch it , put an cold ice cube on your wife’s navel until it melts. Rules : girl will not move or you her hand, best use love robes to lock her . Husband will use his lips to keep the cube in place. If its get to cold then you can put the cube in your mouth for a few sec and then put it back.

#4 Use Honeymoon gini special love  candy and unwrap it with just your lips.

#5  Just kiss for a min.

#6 It time to dance, give your husband a lap-dance.

#7 This to play on bed with bare minimum clothes. Use hand or a feather all over the laying partner’s body including all strategic regions.

#8 Take off your  wife bra  using just one hand.

#9 Lift your wife’s top up from the back all the way to the collar using just your teeth and lips.

#10  Put a chocolate on your wife’s boobs and let it melt. Then eat it via your tongue. HoneymoonGini advice is to use love ropes before hand.


#11 Kiss your partner’s feet and legs all the way up to the inner thigh.

#12 Blindfold kisser . The blindfolded partner should kiss three specific body parts chosen body part without using hands.

#13 Give your partner a kiss down there for 15 secs.

#14 Make out with each other with the clothes on / dry hump each other.

#15 Try finding  your wife’s nipple with your teeth / lips.

#16 Slip your hand in your man’s underwear and feel wants in for complete on min.

#17 Time boxed love making, get into love making for just 3 mins.