Fetishist? Contained? Traditional? What’s your profile? See what the stars say about the sex life   of the zodiac signs.


In love, the Aryan is always excited about the game of seduction; He loves emotions with forbidden or unlikely achievements and loves. However, once you have gained your passion, they are very forthright and bold at the H-hour. Don’t worry if he seems too anxious to take you to the bedroom, as the sign is also usually very sexually impulsive.Now, do you want to see an Aryan go wild? Make him feel safe but safe enough that he will give up his control and play a submissive role again. sex life of the signsAnyone who can’t conquer the sign of Aries will probably pass through his life like a flash. But Aryans need to learn to hold the wave and all that impulsiveness and excitement; Remember to focus on foreplay and ensure that you meet your partner’s needs as well as your own.


Known for loyalty and a sense of nostalgia, Taureans are slow to decide for someone, but once they finally define that the partner they are dating is really the right person, they commit completely and fearlessly, plunging into long relationships. In sexual matters, this is a sign that knows to be extremely sensual.They go crazy when they mix with the games between sheets, fruits and other ways to experience new tastes and sensations. However, they always like to follow the same routines.  sex life of the signsAdmittedly, these are cute personality traits, but be careful not to become boring or repetitive in bed.


Gemini are often very hot and sensual both when they come across bright minds and when they are facing lush bodies. In this case, to find the perfect balance, they need to connect this intellectual part with their sexual preferences.Based on this previous account, this is a sign that goes wild when the partner, for example, calls during office hours to have erotic conversations full of details and fantasies. You, Gemini, would be surprised at how many people could stoke your brain and body at the same time.In short, all this imaginative as well as visual profiling comes down to a Gemini sign that loves to flirt – even if it comes to nothing. Be careful, as this behavior may revert to bad impressions or broken hearts; Your sassy nature can make other people believe you are interested when you are not.


Wrap the cancerian in a fluffy comforter or cover it with a fuzzy sheet that will have you purring in the palm of your hands. This is the extremely attracted sign to feel warm and comfortable.Want to conquer it in body and soul? So make love with the cancerian as the sound of the sea lulls the moment outside. The Cancer sign sees a calm and sensual setting in the sea, so taking a few escapes to the coast can be a great chance to light the crab’s flame.Now, do you want to know how Cancer breaks the spell of the relationship? Making problems private in family matters. Cancerians have strong relationships with family members, and sometimes tend to invite them to interfere too much in the relationship.


As far as the sex life of the signs is concerned, proud lions cannot tolerate being disrespected by their partners, and they demand to be treated like royalty by anyone who has obtained the privilege of being naked with them. But do not think badly, as Leos are very proud of their partners as well, and make it their mission to satisfy them on unprecedented sexual levels.If you want to win your heart, impress it! Ever! If you want to be the best partner of all, you must always be learning as much as you can.Now, if you’re the charm type, know that a lion will quickly lose interest. The Leo sign hates wasting time chasing or trying to prove itself to people who are uninterested or difficult.But there’s no way, if the leonine meets his gaze with someone he found charismatic but didn’t seem to reciprocate his affections, he’ll be pretty much addicted to trying to convince him to return that love.


Do you know the organized and methodical sign of Virgo? In it hides interests that permeate between the wild and what may be strange – fantasies and fetishes are certainly part of their sexual milieu.Despite their behavior and their fascination in bed, they change their minds with some constancy, presenting periods where sex life is their priority, followed by others of total disinterest.Endowed with super sensitivity, if you feel that someone has despised you, it can really reach your heart. In view of this, the virginian will maintain the resentment, depriving this person of any intimacy for a long period.


Regarding the sex life of signs, Librans live to bring harmony, balance and peace to love relationships: they are good at staying level, trying to see both sides when there is a dispute with the loved one. They also like to ensure that both are equally satisfied and excited in their erotic games.Easily surprised and enthusiastic about luxurious, well-appointed surroundings, this is the ideal space to make it the perfect night. They climb the walls with expensive sheets, heavenly views and sumptuous ambient sound.Everything seems to be going well, but Libra has a serious problem with tantrums. When they get out of balance, they can get mad in ways that are really hard for their partners to understand. They should work on a process of self-awareness and start breathing before boiling.


Considered one of the most sexual signs, Scorpions can be arousing almost in a primal sense and raw in their desires. They are definitely not afraid to consider any strange sexual practice, even those that some consider taboo.Crazy for exploring and experimenting, the Scorpio profile often prefers more “exotic”, fetishist practices and even trying something with sadomasochism.Negative point? Scorpio can get out of control when it becomes obsessive. He may seem disinterested at the beginning of a relationship, but as soon as his coldness in not relating begins to show, his impassioned nature may take the reins and leave him somewhat out of control.


This eccentric sign likes to do everything differently, from everyday life issues to issues between four walls. They are enthusiastic about learning new things in every way, so they may be attracted mainly to people who are the opposite of them – so they will have more to learn.Unlike other zodiac signs, Sagittarius has a slow but ardent sexual drive, and prefers to pamper his partner to feel satisfied. He is an expert at finding ways in which your lover likes to be touched and teased.Although this slower approach is very well used by Sagittarians, they are not always willing to do so, and it may be possible for them to swap the action for a few hours of talking and rambling.


They are serious and focused, but when it comes to sex, Capricorn is not afraid of getting sweaty and disheveled while in a moment for two. In bed they are the chiefs and do their best to show themselves to be the dominant under the comforter; They like to be respected and admired from above.Seemed a bit of arrogance to him? For among the faults, the Capricorn is stubborn to apologize, even if he himself made the mistake.


This is a particularly curious sign, and one of those who are most likely to be in an open relationship or try it during a visit to swing houses. Aquarians need a lot of personal freedom when in a relationship; they definitely hate being choked and pruned into a relationship.The heart of the Aquarian is free, and if you really want to conquer it, just don’t be pretentious. Aquarius natives by nature often accept their partners the way they are, and don’t care much about whether or not they have money.Basically, if you start to take advantage, brag about something, and find yourself in the spotlight, your chances of going to bed with someone from Aquarius will be drastically reduced. Aquarians are trustworthy and honest people, which is great, but remember to be diplomatic when you have to critique your partners’ techniques.


When it comes to the sex life of the signs, Pisceans are kind, full of empathy and kindness. For these features, get ready to spend some time cuddling between the sheets. If you want to drive him crazy in bed, be romantic. For Pisces, romanticism between four walls, even if it sounds silly, shows him what his partner really feels and thinks.You loathe recklessness, and if one thing is capable of cutting the mood, it’s partners who love to say “dirty” words for the moment for two, or put on a soundtrack full of profanity.