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Sex Benefits from 1 to 7 times a week.

It is known that sex is extremely beneficial to health, but the strengths that it has from your body depend solely on how many days a week you practice. All sex experts and sexologists will say that sex is extremely good for health, but the good you have of it depends only on you. As often as you practice sex, you will be healthier, and depending on the number of days a week you spend with feverish games, you will have few or many health benefits.

Here is how sex affects you in harmony with the number of days per week.

Once in seven days

Sex once a week will positively impact on maintaining your body line. Sexual intercourse affects the increase of the hormone of love oxycotine, which, besides stimulating proximity among the partners, also contributes to calm and quality sleep, says dr. Helen Fisher, anthropologist at Rugers University. The more sleep – the less body weight, because the sleep regulates the hormone gelene and leptin, which are responsible for the feeling of hunger.

Twice a week

People who enjoy having sex at least twice a week have 30 percent higher levels of immunoglobulin, which helps the body to protect themselves from disease, American research has shown. If you have regular sex, your immune system is more powerful, so you are less likely to get infected with an infection.

Three times a week

Most of the action is more fun in the bed (or where you would like it) than in the gym, right? Sex raises the number of heart beats and speeds up blood circulation. People who enjoy having sex at least three times a week exhibit 50 percent less risk of stroke than those who do not have that chance, scientists have reported at the University of Bristol.

Four times a week

Sex practiced four times a week will make your body miraculous. If you often enjoy sex, the longer you look younger. During sex, the production of collagen increases, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles and signs in the skin, say the doctors at the Royal Hospital in Edinburgh, who have been involved in research on this topic. Qualitative sexual life makes your hair and hair shine, because blood circulation speeds up during sex. By itself, the skin gets more oxygen and becomes cooler. Also, rapid blood circulation affects the release of toxins and makes the lips more complete.

Five times a week

Regular sex relations raise our overall level of energy, make us feel more optimistic and more creative (in all spheres of life, not just couples). In addition, your relationship with your partner will be more qualitative, says dr. Fisher.

Six times a week

Sex makes us wiser. Good circulation of blood means that the brain also works better, whereas when we experience orgasm and the “explosion” of hormones, most of which affect our intellectual strength in the most positive way possible.

Seven times a week

If you can practice this, I’ll do it! So it means you do not allow “stumbling factors” (such as stress at work) to hinder you from enjoying life. Regular sex lowers stress levels and alleviates anxiety disorders that are so common in today’s time, research suggests, while the explanation for this is probably hidden in the addition of endorphin, which raises your libido and encourages you to make love.

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