If you are looking for an excuse to sneak under the duvet with Madame , discover here 5 proven effects of an active libido on your body :

Sex and senior – slower aging 

This is not about the positive effect on the morale of sex, but more about the body stimulated during sexual activity. Results, the muscles atrophy less quickly, the skin retains its suppleness and tone!

Gender and senior: strengthening your immune system

A study has highlighted the increase in T cells in older people with active sexuality. However, these cells are those which are used for secondary immune reactions …

Gender and senior: a prolonged life expectancy 

Here again, according to the studies carried out, couples making love on a regular basis live longer than seniors who no longer have a libido. And yes it’s sport, moreover some are better than others when you are over 60 years old:

Gender and senior: strengthening the cardiovascular system

By the play of hormones and the physical activity carried out, making love is strengthened and taking care of your heart and arteries. Be careful, however, if you are prone to heart problems, consult your cardiologist regularly, while discussing the issue of your libido , for valuable advice …

Sex and senior: a unique feeling of well-being and happiness 

Finally, after all the scientific facts exposed, you must still take the time to discuss the pleasure felt, positively influencing your morale, after an intimate and accomplice moment shared with your loved one …

Sexuality of seniors, some advice for the pleasure of two

After 60 years, despite the desires that run through your head, many of you have some difficulties in your sexuality. Gentlemen, you usually suffer from erection problems, Ladies, you have to deal with vaginal dryness or muscle cramps. If each of these little problems can be enough to break the erotic atmosphere of the evening, use these tips:

Consume foods naturally acting on testosterone to fight against erectile problems: fish, pomegranate juice, cocoa… moreover, thanks to certain foods you can increase your life expectancy !

Use lubricants to fight against vaginal dryness

Respect your own rhythm, in pairs, adapt your sexuality and your positions to your possibilities

Do regular physical activity to keep yourself in shape ( walking, swimming, yoga, muscle building, the choice is yours … )

Avoid positions that can lead to pain or early fatigue Remember that everything is above all a question of pleasure and love