1. Why are guys so passionate about boobs?

“It’s just that we don’t have them, so our brain tells us to.”

2. What do guys think about girls selfie on Instagram?

“Until it became a craze, we thought that spontaneous selfies are normal. It’s just a ploy to attract sympathy and that’s good. ”

3. What would you really like to do on a date?

“If a girl really likes, you can meet as long as it takes to get to know each other better. Good dating options are dining at a restaurant or playing golf. “

4. Where can I meet a girl for an affair, and where – for a relationship? “Usually, a girl for one night can be rented in a bar or in a place where she, like you, is trying to get drunk. You meet a girl for a relationship in places where you have common interests – in the gym or at a concert, for example

5. Can a boyfriend and girlfriend be friends? “Yes, but anyway, at some point, they may become attracted to each other. If they can overcome it, well, fine. ”

6. Does sex on the first date mean that the girl is not worth having a relationship with her? “You immediately got what you wanted. The hunt is over, and the relationship will no longer be so intriguing. ”

7. Do you judge girls by their work?

“Little. If she works as a nanny or a waitress, and she has no ambitions, such a girl is of little interest. ”

8. Why do you guys disappear instead of telling the girl that she no longer interests you? “It’s easier than making a heart-to-heart conversation that ends in a scandal.”

9. Are you looking for a girl you like in social networks? “We are looking for fluently, but if it is difficult to find it, then we stop making efforts.”

10. What is the sexiest act for you committed a girl?

“She came to me in a raincoat, under which there was nothing. I understand that this is a cliche, but it was cool because she did it for me. ”