These pleasant little things make a woman believe that she is the only, special, beloved. These pleasant little things in the eyes of a woman – evidence that the man chose it for her. These nice little things are very important for all women. Men guess this, most of them know about it for sure, but not everyone fully understands why.

Men do not understand:

1. How nice it is for a woman when he notices minor changes in her. New dress, hairstyle or unexpected color of nail polish. For a man, this is nothing, and for a woman, a sign that he is interested in her. Sign of attention and love.

2.How nice to get flowers, especially with a postcard. Love words sound aloud, but reading them on a postcard is priceless. Handwritten text gives even more intimacy to the gift. For a man, flowers and all these sentiments are a waste of money and time.

3. How nice to hear that some song or film reminded a man of her. What could be more beautiful than to cause pleasant associations? Men do not even think about it. Even if, having heard a sweet song, they remembered their beloved, they hardly admit it to her.

4. How nice when, after dinner in a purely male company, he brings a piece of dessert or a favorite dish from the cafe. For a woman, this is an indicator that they did not forget about her even at a bachelor party, and this means a lot. A man will seize something tasty for his beloved, if the waitress will offer to pack with him a dessert, to which it never came.

5. How nice to get cute sms in the morning. Since he writes in the morning, it means that the first thing he thought about today is she. Women appreciate such things. Men for the most part know about it.

6. How nice when he remembers the birthday of her mother. She does not just remember, but with her she thinks about how best to congratulate her. A man does not even need to remember, the woman herself will begin to talk about this event in advance, it remains only to show genuine enthusiasm.

7. How nice it is when a man in his house allocates a box for her things. This is a small but significant act in the eyes of a woman. She has things – they should lie somewhere. Here, in fact, the whole male motivation.

8. How nice it is when a man publishes collaborative photos on social networks. Even if they have been legally married for 10 years, she will be worried because there is too little information about her in his profile. A man either does not conduct social networks at all (he deeply cares about all this), he doesn’t specifically publish collaborative photos, because he is still in search.

9. How nice to wear his stuff. It is cozy, warm and intimate. After all, he is unlikely to allow anyone to wear his favorite sweatshirt. She needs clothes – he gives her clothes. For a girl for one night, he would also have allocated a T-shirt.

10. How nice to know that he has serious intentions. Depending on the stage of the relationship, these may be general plans for a weekend or vacation, meeting friends and parents, an offer to move in, talking about family and children, a marriage proposal.

Of course, men know that this is important for a woman, but they do not understand how much. Moreover, when a man meets the “one”, he stops thinking about whether to take the next serious step or not, he just takes.