Avoid letting routine suffocate your love and burn out the flame. Marriage is a thing that needs constant nourishment and work. It cannot exist without its own share of ups and downs.

Sometimes, a second honeymoon is exactly what some couples need to rekindle that spark which previously existed between them. So, here is a list of valid reasons why you must book those tickets right away and take your loved one to your second honeymoon!

1. Vacation
A man and a woman, when they start their life together, take upon themselves new roles like providers or parents. Sending the kids to stay with their grandparents or someone else who is trustworthy for a few days so you can rest from your endless tasks is good for your health, both individuals and the marriage.

2. Reconnect with each other
Similarly, the routine of a family tends to separate husband and wife, which is why a second honeymoon can become so important. It is an essential time where both spouses can rediscover what attracted them to their spouse in the first place. A second honeymoon will make it easier to revive caring, dedicate yourselves to each other and feel again the love you once felt.

3. A calm atmosphere to reorganize your priorities
A tight budget, mortgage payment, children, school, work, or a car that needs to be fixed can be obstacles in reviving the feelings of your first honeymoon. Somehow though, you can think of a place closer to home or more simple that will allow you time alone to focus on the relationship and on each other.

4. Rekindle the flame
Fondly remembering your courtship or first honeymoon with husband and wife can truly bring back the magic and help rekindle a flame that once burned strong.

5. Get to know each other a little better
Nothing is quite like being able to look into each other’s eyes, sit and chat, rediscover your interests, tell childhood stories, or even visit important places from your past. Each of these activities will help invite your spouse into your life that much more.

6. Enjoy some time alone
Take advantage of these moments to hang out together and take care of each other. Even if the first few hours of conversation are about your children, daily problems, bills or work, don’t give up! Enjoy each other’s company. Lose yourself in your spouse. Rediscover the reason you fell in love in the first place.

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