Petting is particularly popular with young people who are intimate but don’t want to go all out. 

What is petting?

Technically speaking, petting is a kind of foreplay, only that there is no subsequent sexual intercourse. However, everything else is allowed: stroking, kissing, caressing and touching – all over the body or as far as you want to allow. Especially for adolescents who want to wait for the first time, petting – or even heavy petting, so one step further – is a great alternative to explore the body of their partner and discover their own sexuality. There are no limits to your imagination when petting. No matter where, no matter how long and no matter how often. The main thing is that it is fun and exciting. There are no fixed rules for petting, but it is important that only what pleases both parties is correct. Often this kind of erotic affection can be much more romantic than “the quick number”.

With petting to orgasm

Petting is not only suitable for gaining initial erotic experiences and exploring the other’s body – it is also suitable for foreplay. Many couples use heavy petting to  fully enjoy the pleasure before  orgasm and to make the way to the climax something special. Heavy petting does not always lead to an orgasm, but for some women the touch of the erogenous zones is so exciting that they sometimes reach a more intense and faster climax than the actual sexual act. With a skilful  cunnilingus  , man brings some women into ecstasy, but you best bring it with heavy petting with a sensual  hand job  or an intense  blowjob for the mind.

Petting is fun and helps you to get to know your own body and that of your partner better. Try what you like and feel your way slowly, so petting becomes an intense experience. Heavy petting can be foreplay or even an alternative to sexual intercourse, because it gives you at least as much pleasure.