Paige Spiranac#PaigeSpiranac#golf#golfer is an American social media influencer, golf player, and television host. She was born on March 26, 1993, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, and is currently 28 years old. Spiranac was introduced to golf by her father at the age of 5 and fell in love with the sport. She began competing in golf tournaments at the age of 12 and won five tournaments during her junior career.

Spiranac continued to pursue golf at the collegiate level, attending San Diego State University, where she played on the golf team. During her college career, Spiranac won the All-Mountain West Conference honors twice and helped her team win the Mountain West Conference championship in 2015.

However, Spiranac’s career has been marked by controversy, particularly due to her dress choices on the golf course. She often wears tight-fitting and revealing clothing, which has drawn criticism from some in the golf community. Despite this criticism, Spiranac has defended her dress choices, stating that she should be able to wear what she wants without being judged.


Spiranac’s fame largely stems from her social media presence, particularly on Instagram, where she has over 3 million followers. She has used her platform to promote golf and to share her passion for the sport. She has also used her influence to advocate for important causes such as mental health awareness and body positivity.

In terms of her dress choices on the golf course, Spiranac has become known for her unique and iconic outfits. She often incorporates bright colors and bold patterns into her outfits, which make her stand out on the course. She has also been known to wear fitted and revealing clothing, such as crop tops and short skirts.

While Spiranac’s dress choices have been controversial, they have also helped to make her a fashion icon in the golf community. Her unique and bold outfits have inspired others to express their individuality on the golf course and have helped to challenge traditional notions of what is acceptable attire for golf.

Overall, Paige Spiranac is a talented golfer and an influential figure in the world of golf. While her dress choices have drawn criticism from some, they have also helped to make her a fashion icon and a source of inspiration for many. Spiranac’s passion for golf and her commitment to promoting the sport have helped to make her a beloved figure in the golf community.