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Our generation has forgotten how to truly love.

Times change, and we are the product of our era. For example, our parents got married earlier than us. Their wedding vows already sounded, as soon as they were eighteen, and they sincerely loved each other at that moment. And at twenty-one they appeared we. But in other matters we are more progressive. But is it really important when it comes to love?

I think our generation has a problem in setting priorities. We always pursue the best. For the best work, for the best housing, for the best thrill that fills us with energy.

It doesn’t matter if we jump with a parachute or read a fascinating novel. We always follow the call of the heart. A heart that can be broken very easily. And it may not always be ours. After all, who knows where the feelings lead?

We want to “be easier” and intrigue at the same time. We do not want to be bore. And we passionately want someone specific here and now, and after a few days we ourselves disappear in the rays of sunset. We are looking for a one-night relationship, but even in such a fuss, we allow ourselves the thought “what if this is a continuation story?”

We consider that we have met a kindred spirit, but this does not prevent us from doubting. We always want to have serious feelings, to fall in love, but we are afraid. We are afraid of obligations. We are afraid of the continuation of the story, in which we are already becoming protagonists, and not invited actors to shoot one or a couple of episodes from a thousand others.

We fear that “falling in love” will become “love.” It is better to love and lose, than not to taste love at all.All runs the fear. It was good when he saved our ancestors from the claws of ancient predators. And what does he give us today, except for the tightness and the mass of other defensive reactions that we can not control? It is the fear of losing a loved one or losing yourself in matters of love that often slows us down.

This is a terrible feeling that is suffocating, which is worse than claustrophobia or aerophobia. Because here we ourselves voluntarily jump into the abyss without insurance. We lock ourselves in our own imagination, which is clearly not enough to imagine the true fullness and beauty of the feeling sung at all times. But with more than enough to fill the head with doubts.

We break other people’s hearts, and our hearts are broken too. Is it really? After all, we sleep with the wrong people, we kiss with strangers and feel nothing. Thus, we are constantly moving not so much along the path of love, as along its margin.

Moreover, we are moving in a hurry. It does not matter, we are in a hurry qualitatively or quantitatively. We do not have enough time – it is a fact.

We are accustomed to this “fast food” and running, and now we are running from a partner who made the heart tremble, which was breathtaking simply because we were not used to feeling the “taste of life” and savoring every moment.

As a result, we act in such a way that we want to part with us first, so as not to feel guilty and tell ourselves that we have been abandoned. Pity yourself so nice. Or, on the contrary, we try to be the first to back up so as not to hear the bitter words, which for some reason we attach importance to, since the choice has already been made.

We care too much about maintaining the usual disinhibited state of consciousness – running and hurrying. We try to avoid conclusions and do not give assessments, especially negative ones, especially to ourselves. We do not accept responsibility for our actions and their consequences, we seem to have no time. We are afraid to love, and then be crippled, never knowing what kind of feeling it is.

We revel in fantasies instead of life. I understand why we are scared. I understand why we want to feel so much and so little at the same time. Why are we so afraid of loneliness or stuck with an unloved person. We want us to have no feelings at all. But does it save us from fear? But we can again feel those same butterflies in the stomach, the touch of native hands on the shoulders. To do this, we must stop running away from our fears. Stop pretending to be indifferent and impassive towards others and towards yourself.

In the end, we and those whom we meet want to feel the same thing – love. We want to feel how our love sleeps together, put our heads on our shoulders and hug.

We want to feel safe next to those who will not harm us. But this is a thorny path of knowledge of people and, most importantly, of themselves, their desires. The path of a responsible person, capable of decisions and actions. The path of a person who finds out, or has already understood what he wants from life, and fights for it.

If we live as we live now, then loneliness will devour us. We will become part of it. If nothing changes now, then one day you just look in the mirror, because you want to see at least someone close to you. But in it you will see not yourself, but disappointment – all that remains of you.

Be courageous and responsible! Love Be yourself!

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