Andrei (played by Bogdan Iancu), a nerdy loser – we are explicitly informed through caption bubble as if the nerd glasses with formal wear in the party was not enough to make it look like a nerd caricature – is in love with the hottest (cliche alert) girl in the school, Ramona (played by Aggy K. Adams).



While Andrei is that Hollywood version of a dork, there is no denying Iancu’s charm will quickly snag you in and nevermind the fact he looks and acts nothing like a dork. Shy, yes, but not a dork. But what matters the most if that he makes you want to join his journey as he has troubles dealing with Ramona and trying to secure Anemona. All the while avoiding coming off as an ass, and you rooting for him the whole time.

The Animation & Innuendo

Despite being rated MA, there is no nudity in the film. Cursing, smoking, and innuendo – yes. And oh, that innuendo is comical. From dipping a finger in honey, PG euphemisms to talk about sex, and animation to extenuate what Andrei is talking about, you will be tickled a bit by how much this film tries to be PG-13. All of which just adds to Andrei’s charm.