For those who have that one short dress, it is a prized possession. It’s easy to wear, flaunts your body, is a great party dress, and can feel so flirty. However, you need to know a few things about what you should wear underneath it to be comfortable and look great. Here’s some advice on short dresses:

Set a mood that is fresh, flirty and fun by showing off your legs in a short hemline.


Dresses with high and exciting hemlines evoke a style all their own and add drama, flair, and polish to any wardrobe. Yes, they are bold and risky. But isn’t that half the fun?

Make the look your own by wearing flats instead of heels. With short skirts, flats often lengthen your legs so try them out to see the impact on you.

Also, ensure you have a proper fit. You don’t want to spend all your moments tugging your dress down. The hem should flow naturally and fit you well, without exposing anything unnecessary or requiring manual adjustment.


In a shorter dress, you are mobile, agile, and comfortable. Your legs get a gentle breeze that keeps you fresh in the heat.