1. Don’t rush to get naked

Sure, now that you’re married, he knows what he’s getting — but he wants nothing more than to watch you unveil the goods, slowly and sensually. A sexy striptease requires confidence to pull off, but done properly (hint: Trying to conceal more than you reveal is not cute) can put you both in a deliciously amorous mood. “Incorporate some scarves or opera-length gloves that you can use to tickle and taunt him as you undress,” suggests Joy Davidson, Ph.D., NYC-based psychologist and author of “Fearless Sex.” Start practicing in private now, and you’ll be a pro by the time you take the stage. For pointers, check out Strip To It: Core Moves and Fantasies Sexy Striptease, a cheese-free DVD full of inspiration.

2. Dare to go bare

Yes, we’re talking about your hair down there. Lots of women swear that bald isn’t just beautiful but also makes sex even hotter. If you’ve never braved a full Brazilian before, schedule the maiden voyage for a month before the big day, suggests Brenda Skermont, waxing educator for the GiGi product line. “This gives your skin a chance to calm down and for any redness to go away,” she explains. Then, return to the salon two days before your wedding for a last-minute touch-up. If taking it all off isn’t for you, try a fun shape (hearts, lightning bolts and landing strips are popular) or even a playful new hue.

3. Slip him a surprise

It may be a cliché, but when was the last time you excused yourself to powder your nose at a restaurant and returned without your underwear? Stick them in your purse and then discreetly slip them into his pocket under the table. Roughly 100 percent of guys say the no-panties-in-public move is a major turn-on. Try it during a romantic dinner and prepare for an eye-popping reaction, says Betty Dodson, Ph.D., author of “Sex for One and Orgasms for Two.”

4. Try a thinly veiled treat

You may never get a chance to wear your wedding gown again, but your veil is another story altogether. “Pack it in your suitcase with a pair of sexy, sky-high white heels,” Dr. Davidson suggests. “Then put them both on … and nothing else.”

5. Mess with the mercury

Heat is hot — but ice is pretty nice, too. Dr. Davidson recommends slipping a little of both into your oral repertoire. Have a steamy mug of warm tea (or water) nearby, as well as a frosty glass of ice water. Take a sip of the warm one first, move it around your mouth and swallow just before heading south. Allow him to enjoy that sensation for a while, then repeat with the cold water, reserving a small ice chip in your mouth for added intensity. Alternate the hot and cold until he can’t take it anymore, then make sure he reciprocates.

6. Satisfy your sweet tooth

Place a call to room service to order ice cream with the toppings on the side, suggests the creative team behind SweetSlap.com, a Web site full of ideas to bring couples closer. Think chocolate syrup, whipped cream, strawberries, caramel sauce and other indulgences. When dessert arrives, take turns blindfolding each other and tasting the goods, or turn your partner’s body into a plate and lick it clean. The beauty of this trick? You won’t have to wash the sheets after. (But be sure to leave the housekeepers a nice tip!)

7. Take advantage of the view

If your hotel room has a big enough balcony, head outside for an exciting tryst. “Especially if you’re near the ocean, the sound of the water and the sensuality of the air can be very arousing,” Dr. Davidson says. One word of advice: Turn the room (and balcony) lights off, unless you want an audience.

8. Uncover some inner secrets

How well do you and your new husband really know each other? The honeymoon is a great time to find out — by playing Strip Trivia. Bat Sheva Marcus, Ph.D., clinical director of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality in New York, suggests you each spend a half hour writing down 10 to 20 personal questions you’d like your partner to answer. They can be tame (“What was my first pet’s name?”) or racy (“What is one of my sexual fantasies?”). Take turns answering; if you get something wrong, you take something off. “The best thing about this game,” adds Dr. Marcus, “is that no one really loses.”