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Lust : The stress killer

Stress is considered a lust killer par excellence. Why it is sometimes wise to forget about lust: tips from the sex therapist.

For couples who are particularly keen to achieve equality, lust takes a back seat

These couples are used to organizing their everyday life together, negotiating things and meeting each other at eye level. Everything is shared well. Nice for everyday life.

Surrender and let go with the flow ?

Women, in particular, who have learned to assert themselves at work and who have a lot of control in everyday life, often come into conflict wrt to sexuality. They find it difficult to allow themselves to surrender because that undermine their self-image.

Men are faced with the question:

Can I be aggressive with my love, or am I a cross-border macho? 

They don’t want to see their women as objects of pleasure, but want to treat them with the same respect as in everyday life. But asking every five minutes: “Is that okay for you?”  Is annoying.

Intimacy arises when one dares to reveal wishes and fears, also at the risk that the other person wants something different.


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