We schedule things like hair appointment, facials and dinner dates with friends. This can make the event seem exciting, give you something to look forward to and, after having a wonderful time, realize you need to schedule more time to practice self-care in these ways. In fact, you probably leave many of these events or appointments wondering why you don’t do this more often.

And do you know what experts say we should be scheduling more of? Love Making/Sex.

Scheduling sex a few days in advance gives you the time and energy to “set the scene,” something you can’t do if you are spontaneous. She suggests lighting candles, teasing your partner leading up to your date and telling them what you’d like them to wear or do to you.

It’s good for your relationship, you show your partner that you value them because you are focusing on to connect on an intimate level and ensuring that  it an important part of your day, as it sends the message you are setting aside this time only for them.